UK Charities Attract Thousands of Visitors to Their Websites With £72,000 Free Google Fundraising Helpline.

A Solution To The Fundraising Crisis 25,000 Charities Are Facing

A recent study by CAF revealed that more than 25,000 UK charities are 'struggling to survive'. To help address this dilemma is offering an online solution by providing support with Google Grants.

“With £72,000 of funding available to UK Charities Google Grants could definitely ease the strain.” Said the organizations spokesperson “This provides a solution which can help Charities to meet their good cause objectives.”

“There is a need for charities to be informed about this huge fundraising opportunity and we are here to help with the application process by offering free advice about the grant as well as offering our professional Google Adwords experience.” added the company representative, while emphasizing that they manage the budget for the charities.

Google Grants is a programme that is offered by Google for Registered Charities (Wales & England only). The programme is designed to empower such organizations by providing £6,200 per month of Adwords (Pay-per-click) advertising to promote their missions and fund raising initiatives on Google search result pages. can also help to qualify eligible Charities for a larger grant of up to £24,800 per month. Google Adwords Pay-per-click is a powerful advertising platform which enables charities to advertise on page 1 of Google and attract more visitors back to their website to increase both fundraising donations and awareness.

HOO Charity helps organizations to achieve their charitable missions through increasing awareness of the respective good causes and any available services and information a charity may want to promote.

More website visitor’s means that charities can benefit from increased donations, volunteer sign up, and more awareness of upcoming activities and events. Typical Ad campaigns can be designed to attract Newsletter sign-ups and to promote the sale of products which directly contribute to charitable revenue.

HOO Charity is recording tremendous success by attracting thousands of new website visitors every week and has managed over 10,000 ad campaigns, according to Lavinia Wilson of

There are many organizations which have benefited from this program. These organizations talk of the gains they have made out of this initiative, one of the organizations is The Drive for Rebecca , which has managed to reach more than a million people. “Google Grants has helped us reach over 1,000,000 people since we started with the program in 2003, increased the awareness of autism and helped countless families that have children with special needs,” says Jonathan Singer - President/Founder, The Drive For Rebecca, Inc.

Joshua Selman , the President of the Artist Organized Art , Inc reveals that his company has gained heights which it would have only dreamt of “We have achieved a level of awareness globally which would have been impossible without the use of our Google Grant,” says Joshua Selman - President, Artist Organized Art, Inc.

“We have been able to increase donations and spread awareness with our Google Grant,” says Rujul Zaparde - Co-founder, Drinking Water for India.

The Google grants fundraising helpline is 02037133160

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