Ujimatec Partners With Acumatica to Launch Cloud Based Construction Management Solution

Providing the best business management solutions for the construction industry. Ujimatec and Acumatica partnership delivers construction software built for success.

Ujimatec is pleased to announce a new and exciting partnership with Acumatica, a growing business management software provider. Ujimatec Corp has joined Acumatica's partner program to add Acumatica's cloud ERP platform to its leading portfolio of customized construction products. Acumatica's future-proof platform provides a solution for customers who require rapid integration and need to access their data on any device, anywhere, anytime.

"Acumatica will be well represented by Ujimatec in the construction industry across North America. Ujimatec brings the ability to integrate multiple systems into Acumatica's industry-leading business management solution. The construction industry has been slow to adopt a digital transformation, and Ujimatec can facilitate that industry by integrating many different apps used today into a single version of the truth, and with strong mobile capabilities.

Ujimatec will strengthen Acumatica's market position, providing a strong customer-centric partner approach, enabling their customers to grow faster and more efficiently through the Cloud. Their corporate values, do the right thing, honor relationships, communicate & collaborate with clients, and be transparent in all aspects of the project, align closely to Acumatica's own Customer Bill of Rights."

The Ujimatec & Acumatica Difference

"Acumatica is a game-changer. Through leading-edge technology and scalable, growth-friendly business practices, Acumatica has earned a reputation for high product usability and customer satisfaction. This is no ordinary business management system. Acumatica provides a business management platform in an ecosystem of partners and developers that are all working together to build the most flexible and robust solutions. This allows Ujimatec to work towards our mission to build & provide the most customer-centric, value-driven software solutions for the construction industry."

Louis Lomax, CEO & Co-Founder of Ujimatec Corp.

"While working with Microsoft, Oracle, Sage & others for over 20 years, we wanted to drive more intuitive and innovative technology solutions to our customers. Looking for products using the latest technology, built for the cloud and configurable with high end-user adaptability, we found Acumatica as our platform. With different options available for deployment, support, payments & more, Acumatica is the optimal solution for construction companies looking to unite their team, simplify their software systems and support their business for growth!"

Rob Morris, COO & Co-Founder of Ujimatec Corp.

About Ujimatec Corp.

Ujimatec provides customer success & value-driven software solutions to accounting, finance & executive teams within the construction industry. Today, Ujimatec's portfolio of solutions provides an integral business management suite, empowering users with intuitive, integrated, cloud-based products. Ujimatec's customer success motivated team is dedicated to providing the ultimate customer experience and making people's lives easier.

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Source: Ujimatec | Acumatica