UIControlSuite .NET - New WPF Tab Control

BinarySmartNavigator .NET provides a new way to present scrollable content in your WPF .NET applications

Today, Binarymission, a leading vendor of user interface components for Microsoft .NET, announced the immediate availability of UIControlSuite .NET V18. UIControlSuite .NET Enterprise edition is a collection of .NET components for WinForms, WPF .NET, Silverlight & Windows Phone 7 (WP7).

Major highlights of this release are: BinarySmartNavigator .NET **NEW PRODUCT**

BinarySmartNavigator .NET -provides a new way to present scrollable content in your WPF .NET applications. Instead of displaying data in tab pages/traditional listbox and let users to select / scroll across pages, you can now let your users view rich content and scroll across items/pages in a modern Listbox control manner.

The control also provides a new and fancy way to scroll across items, by providing nice looking buttons and visually cute looking circles that indicate which item to scroll to / select next.

The package includes two controls written natively for WPF presentation framework.: A modern Tab control, and a modern ListBox control.

Other enhancements:
1. WPF Ribbon control now supports MS Office 2010 styled Backstage view
2. 5 new Slideshow transition effects have been added for the Slideshow control
3. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supports Zooming and Panning out-of-the-box
4. Flowchart / Organisation chart control now supporting out-of-the-box printing facility (including printing into multiple pages).

Sundar Subramaniam, Technical Director of Binarymission said "The key to many development teams success is to always be agile. We at Binarymission also believe in this methodology, so are rolling v18 of UIContolSuite.net over multiple builds. The first great feature of v18 is the WPF Tab control, it's easy and quick to use straight out of the box"

Pricing & Download:
UIControlSuite .NET is priced at $2000 per developer
Evaluation: - http://www.binarymission.co.uk/Downloads/downloads.html
Screenshots: - http://www.binarymission.co.uk/appimages/Smart_Navigator_WPF.png

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