UFC Legend Chris "Lights Out" Lytle, MTV Reality Star Entrepreneur Greg Carney and Inventor Lee Campbell Rolls Out American Made Ultimate Fighting Training Technology Product on KICKSTARTER

Lee Campbell Segues from 15 years of Sports Therapy to Launch Hitsu Hanta Worldwide Endorsed by UFC Legend and Firefighter Chris Lytle

Ultimate Uppercut Bag by Hitsu-Hanta

A father of 6 who grew up with a passion in sports therapy, fitness and mixed martial arts is on a mission of his own with his company Hitsu Hanta Worldwide, LLC., based in a 9,000 sq. ft. Sports Science Center in Hot Springs National Park Arkansas.

The charismatic inventor is using his experience to launch his Ultimate Fighting Training Technology Company. The initial product includes the patented Ultimate Uppercut Bag, which attaches to any standard heavy bag allowing uppercut, clinch, kick and punch combo practice in one location like never before. This transforms heavy bag training, stimulating the movement of an actual fighter, adding a head over body feel, just like a real fight. Chin down, head over body, the height of the bag can adjust to the height of the fighter.

The Ultimate Uppercut Bag will launch on KICKSTARTER November 14, 2016 and will soon be available in sporting goods stores around the country and a variety of locations online. Future products include a 4-headed model ultimate uppercut bag, a combination strike point heavy bag, an advanced movement track system using pressure sensory technology that gauges strength, accuracy and stamina like never before.

"Lee Campbell is a mastermind,” Carney says. “He is aware of innovation and his surroundings and he’s taking full advantage of that.”

Campbell currently partnered with Carney and Lytle, which they delight in the American made and assembled products. Carney uses his experience from Hollywood California to attract executives and taste-makers to their products. Lytle uses his experience as a former Pro Boxer, UFC legend and current UFC coach to validate and test each product and idea.

“Have you ever been able to do uppercuts, practice clinch work or face and head kick combinations on a heavy bag... no. Now you can,” says Lytle.

“We want to put a head on every bag and a system in every gym,” says Campbell. “Hitsu Hanta means Head Hunter.”

Hitsu Hanta Worldwide, LLC.
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Source: Hitsu Hanta Worldwide, LLC.


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