UE.co Launches New Marketing Platform for Advertisers and Publishers

Digital marketing leader, UE.co, announces the launch of Comanche, an advertising management platform for large-scale advertisers and publishers.

UE.co Announces New Advertising Platform

UE.co, a leader in digital marketing products and services for large-scale advertisers, announced the launch of its newest software platform- Comanche. Comanche is built to create a transparent bidding process, manage supply and demand and the relationship between publisher and advertiser.

Enterprise advertisers leverage the new Comanche Platform to manage the placement, scheduling and investment of their digital campaigns. Publishers using Comanche have greater control of their inventory management and demand access across all sources and will see a greater return for the value of their traffic generated. UE.co built the platform around transparency for all users and is convinced that this dynamic tool-set will continue to optimize campaign quality for advertisers while increasing return for traffic providers.  

“The Comanche Platform empowers both publishers and advertisers to maximize their marketing processes,” said Jason Kulpa, CEO of UE.co. “The results are higher lifetime values of a qualified consumer moving through the sales funnel and competitive publisher payouts.” 

About UE.co:

UE.co is a San Diego-based provider of digital marketing software and services. The award-winning platforms are leveraged for enterprise companies looking to effectively manage their advertising campaigns. UE.co, previously known as Underground Elephant, is recognized as an Inc. Fastest Growing Company, a Certified Great Place to Work and is TalentDesk’s 2019 Best Small Companies for Software Engineering Jobs in San Diego and Digital Marketing Jobs in Denver, Colorado.

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Source: UE.co