Ucroo Inc. Secures Investment With Path to IPO

Campus portal platform's parent company secures capital raise

Ucroo Inc., provider of the leading student portal platform Campus, has finalized an agreement with a consortium of Australian investors that includes an initial capital raise and an IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange later this year. 

Leading the consortium of investors is Roy McKelvie, chairman of several high-growth firms in the technology and investment spaces. Roy is now Ucroo Inc.'s new Chairman under the agreement.

The consortium of investors also includes Bombora Investment Management, a highly successful investment firm that specializes in providing operational support and listing growth technology companies. 

"We're on a mission to provide higher education with products central to the student experience. With our new partners and the initial raise already funded, we can continue growing our existing business, focus even more on our people and our customers, and have the potential to act on strategic opportunities that enhance our core products and market footprint," said Chase Williams, CEO of Ucroo Inc. 

Ucroo's flagship product, Campus, is a reimagined portal that puts the student experience first by elevating the information that matters and backgrounding the rest. This philosophy is a stark contrast to traditional link farm applications. The platform is web-native and device-agnostic, an ideal combination for a generation of users that prefers to work across multiple devices. 

Ucroo believes a simplified experience empowers students by paving an unambiguous path to success in their college journey. Future product feature development is already underway.

After July, the company will turn its attention to its IPO on the Australian Stock Exchange, one of the largest and most reputed exchanges in the world. 

"I'm incredibly excited to be working with Chase and the team to prepare the company for its IPO. Taking the company public will put us in a position to grow a major presence in Higher Education while providing products that add real value to students' lives," said Mr McKelvie.

ABOUT Ucroo & Campus:
Campus is the leading web portal, mobile app software, and support services provider for Higher Education. With a team of former university executives and technologists, Campus.app is rapidly replacing outdated portals with a modern, cloud-hosted platform that reduces costs, saves time, and connects college constituents with a personalized, one-stop-shop so they can thrive and succeed. Campus.app has offices in Denver (headquarters), New York, and Melbourne, and is the flagship product of Ucroo Incorporated. Visit campus.app for more information.

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Source: Campus

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