UC Berkeley Student Wins Self Lender Scholarship for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Lourdes Matute of Chicago

Lourdes Matute of Chicago, who’s entering her senior year at the University of California, Berkeley, has won Self Lender’s $1,000 Scholarship for Aspiring Entrepreneurs.

Matute was chosen from among nearly 100 applicants.

“Self Lender hopes this scholarship aids Lourdes in achieving her financial and collegiate goals during her senior year at UC Berkeley as she moves on to her MBA program. We’re excited to see the great things she’ll achieve with a little help from the Self Lender scholarship,” said James Garvey, co-founder, and CEO of Austin, Texas-based Self Lender.

Self Lender helps thousands of people begin their financial journey using credit building accounts. Matute is typical of the types of people who benefit from Self Lender’s offering.

In her scholarship application, Matute wrote that she was “terrified of credit” and of “falling into a financial trap that would bind me in a web of debt for the rest of my life.” She said her fear of credit stemmed from a lack of knowledge.

Matute’s fear of credit and lack of credit knowledge are common across college campuses. Her drive to teach herself about credit and take control of her financial future exemplifies the mission of Self Lender to help people learn about and take control of their finances.

Like so many Americans, Matute came from a family that stressed over money. With a mission to help break the cycle of poverty in the inner city, Matute made it her goal to seize control of her financial journey through learning.

Matute began to build her knowledge with the help of friends, financial educators, websites and Facebook interactions. This took the mystery out of credit and gave her the confidence to change her financial habits for the better. Last year, she earned the Credit Business Associate (CBA) designation from the National Association of Credit Management.

Today, Matute freely starts conversations with her peers about credit and personal finances. Recognizing that ignoring the issues and sweeping conversations about money under the rug won’t help break the cycle of poverty, she won’t let her peers off the hook when it comes to discussing personal finances. Financial freedom is a community effort, and Matute strives to bring financial freedom to her community.

For more information about Self Lender, visit www.selflender.com.

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