Ubisoft and Mixed Dimensions Announce Custom 'For Honor' 3D-Printed Figures Available Now!

For Honor Customizer

Ubisoft's brutal, medieval fantasy world of the warring heroes of "For Honor" will soon make an exciting jump into the real world as Mixed Dimensions partners with the video game giant Ubisoft to produce customizable "For Honor" figures.

For the first time, the warring heroes of "For Honor" - Warden, Warmonger, Raider, Kensei and Tiandi - will come to life in the physical world as stunning figures that fans can customize themselves.

"For Honor" fans will design their very own figure depicting "For Honor" characters outfitted in custom armor and weapons. Plus, fans can choose the size and pose of each figure, so every order is one of a kind made just for them. 

Jean Gauvin, Sr Creative Director at Ubisoft, said, "We have been working with Mixed Dimensions for the last two years to come up with a product of exceptional quality for our fans. Being able to bring to life your favorite customized character from "For Honor" was a vision we had from the get-go, and I have to say that building it in our customizer is a totally awesome experience!"

Zuhair Abdul-Hadi, Chief creative officer of Mixed Dimensions, said, "Building "For Honor" customizer is a dream coming true. The team and I are big fans of the game. The customizer was built by fans for fans. We can't wait for gamers to hold these stunning figures in their hands!"

How to get your "For Honor" customized figure?

Visit Ubisoft's merch website at www.merch.ubisoft.com

There, fans can access the online customizer where they can have fun choosing their "For Honor" hero and its many unique features then Mixed Dimensions will use proprietary software to make the 3D models printable in full color. Then the models are printed using the world's most advanced full-color 3D printers from Mimaki. The printer creates highly-detailed figures, in vibrant colors.

Customization options include:

  • Choose your hero: Knights, Vikings, Samurai, or Wui Lin (male or female)
  • Pick their armor: Arms, Helmet, Chest, Ornaments, Colors
  • Select Their weapon: Blade, Hilt, or Guard
  • Pick a model size: Mini, small, medium, or large 
  • Select a pose: 3 to choose from 
  • Choose a base: standard or customizable 

Pricing starts at $24.99 for a mini-sized figure, $49.99 for a small, $69.99 for a medium, and $99.99 for a large. 

"For Honor" is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. Players choose a character from four historical factions - each with its own set of weapons, skills, and fighting styles. 

Media Contact: Faisal Nimri - faisal@mxd3d.com

Source: Mixed Dimensions

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