Uberkit.net Announces a New Affiliate Program for Marketers and Uber Drivers

Uberkit LLC, a company that creates information products for Uber drivers and entrepreneurs that want to start/grow their Uber business, announces a new affiliate program for internet marketers and Uber drivers alike.

Their work may have been seen on the Uberkit.net Blog and their business kits for entrepreneurs and Uber drivers at Uberkit.net.

Their business kits have grossed over $20,000 in sales, and they are now looking to increase their growth with the help of affiliates.  The affiliate program is pretty simple and once signed up, one should be given an affiliate link (hop link) that can be used to promote followers. Also, free access to their business kits should come with signing up.

Their business kits sell for $47 and $49, and for every kit that someone purchases through your link, you'll receive 50% of sales!

You're probably already aware of Uber's affiliate program and they have worked hard to ensure that everything is very transparent with the Uberkit.net affiliate system.  You'll be able to see detailed stats on clicks, conversions and more once signed up.

Sign up for their affiliate program here: http://www.uberkit.net/affiliate

The Uberkit.net Reports

The Uberkit business reports are for Entrepreneurs or Uber drivers trying to start/grow their fleet of Uber cars. The downloadable Uberkits have analysis of both businesses (UberX and UberBlack), and provide validated information helpful to start/grow an Uber business.

1. www.uberkit.net (UberX)

Click the Product details link at the top of the page for specifics on what is included in this kit.

2. www.uberkit.net/me/uberblack.php (Uber Black)

Click the Product details link at the top of the page for specifics on what is included in this kit.

How promoting works - It's a lot like Uber/Lyft referral links

After signing up, one receives an affiliate link and a username/password.  Access to the membership side of their site is granted and that's where one will find affiliate stats and payout information.

Once an affiliate account is created, full access to their business kits will be granted (give them a few hours to enable access or just send them an email using their contact form here).

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The payout for the Uberkit.net affiliate program is currently 50% for each sale
  • 365 Day Cookie: That means that if someone clicks your link, you'll be paid for any purchase within the next 365 days.
  • Payouts go out on the 15th of every month via Paypal for the month prior (i.e. an October 1-31 payout will go out on Nov. 15)​

Questions? Reach out!

Send any questions or feedback about the Uberkit.net affiliate program or even the Uberkit.net reports via email or their contact form here.

About Uberkit LLC:

Uberkit LLC is the owner of Uberkit.net (not affiliated with Uber). They are dedicated to helping Uber drivers and entrepreneurs start and grow their Uber business.

​Media Contact: 

Malik Akande 
Phone: 347-878-9537 
Email: inquiries@uberkit.net

Source: Uberkit LLC


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