UAE Exchange Offers Career Opportunities and Taleem for Emiratis

UAE Exchange has been making significant progress in creating sustainable employment opportunities for the Emiratis in the country

Career fairs have always provided a dynamic platform for the recruiters and job seekers. One such traditionally successful fair is the National Career Exhibition Held from 10th to 12th February, 2016. One of the regular recruiters actively who participated at the fair is UAE Exchange, the leading global remittances, foreign exchange and payment solutions brand. The brand, in its efforts to support the UAE government’s vision towards better employment opportunities for national talent and as part of the Emiratisation initiative, is offering full-time and part-time jobs to the Emiratis across its operations in the country. The brand is also offering Taleem, an intensive internship programme exclusively for Emirati students.

Speaking on the occasion, Promoth Manghat, CEO, UAE Exchange said: “As a financial organisation, we are committed to empower and promote the role of Emiratis in the financial sector. In a strategic decision to expand the Emirati workforce in our organisation, we are aggressively recruiting this year. We have also taken the initiative of providing the Emiratis with the option to work part-time with us. We believe that this move will encourage more Emiratis to enter the corporate fold, contributing to the country’s development. Our long-running training programme, Taleem, too enables us to educate the Emirati students on the various corporate challenges and contribute to the organisation’s goals.”

UAE Exchange has been making significant progress in creating sustainable employment opportunities for the Emiratis in the country. An employee-friendly organisation, what sets it apart from other brands is that UAE Exchange offers Emiratis with the option of choosing their job location along with the choice of working either full-time or part-time. The brand also offers mentorship by experienced senior staff, practical training programme in Arabic and English all-year-round, employee engagement and skill development programmes among others.

The brand, as part of the Emiratisation programme, offers Taleem exclusively to the Emirati students. This popular internship and training programme involves real time work experience. Through Taleem, the Emirati students are able to gain intensive on-the-job training, enhance industry knowledge, develop professional skills as well as earn a stipend and certificate after completion of the programme.