U.S. Unemployment Rate Increases: Expert Committee Provides Rescue Recommendations Towards Online Self-Employment Model

The online self-employment rescue model may be one of the most sufficient ways to battle increasing U.S. unemployment rates.

US Unemployment 2020

While the current global situation relates to the health topic the most, its effects have surfaced in another vital area of life - the job market - as more than 30 million jobs have been already lost this year, with the number growing each day. The growing unemployment rate has especially surged in the field of offline small businesses. As a rational & effective solution to the unemployment problem, it is suggested not to dwell and wait - instead, put in the effort to become self-employed online. Therefore, a group of digital specialists has formed a committee and issued a verified list of best website builders on MyBestWebsiteBuilder.com as possible rescue tools that might help newly self-employed individuals to start their own businesses online easily.

People are turning towards website builders in sheer masses - most of them are trying to start some sort of an online business, while others simply want to create online portfolios or passive income websites. Whatever the case might be, in light of the current situation, the online self-employment model seems to be the best alternative for battling increasing unemployment rates and personal financial problems.

However, there's no denying that there are some shady website builder companies that are trying to capitalize on this situation and lure in customers with false or otherwise unreliable offers. In order to avoid such scamming attempts in these sensitive times, potential customers should only turn towards reliable and verified website builders, recommended by experts.

Laura Mogen, a Senior Editor at MyBestWebsiteBuilder.com, elaborated on the matter:

"We're excited about this digital specialist committee initiative & our team is proud to help with the unemployment problem by publishing the verified best website builder list on our platform. It is true that there has been a notable increase in people's interest in website builders - millions are losing their jobs worldwide and, thus, are looking for ways to generate income online. These website creation platforms may be used for many different reasons. However, there's always a possibility to fall for some sweet talk and purchase a builder that will only prove to be a huge headache. That's why reliable, officially issued lists that talk about the best website builders are more important now than ever."

It does not matter if the topic revolves around individual users or companies, the fact of the matter remains the same - the surging unemployment and financial struggle caused by the pandemic crisis may be alleviated if expert recommendations are followed. According to specialists, the use of website builders as preventive self-employment tools may be one of the best ways to start generating a steady financial flow in these uncertain times.

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