U.S. Medical Savers is Offering Free Consultations to Help Patients Get Deep Discounts on Prescription Drugs

US Medical Savers offers in house program to help people get free medicine or save up to 80% off prescription drug prices

Prescription discount cards

Every year, prescription drugs have price increases and, even with the best prescription discount cards out there, the increases put the prescription prices out of reach for many people. One company, US Medical Savers, is on a mission to help people obtain the medications they need for free or at highly discounted prices. Their program has been effective at helping thousands of people around the country and is becoming a popular choice compared to traditional methods such as trying to find the best discount card for prescriptions. They are now offering in house programs that allow people in the united states to qualify for free or discounted prescriptions based on their income.

“People need their medications in order to live and to improve the quality of their life,” explains Carla Becker, president of US Medical Savers. “But the prices have become so high that they struggle in some cases. We are changing that by helping them get free medicine or highly discounted prescriptions.”

The service provided by US Medical Savers can help those in need with obtaining their medications, whether they are for generic or name brands. Those who need help obtaining medications need only to log onto the site and call the hotline. The website offers a database where people can input the name of the prescription and immediately be provided with information regarding discounted pricing or they can call the hotline and know if they are approved in less than two minutes.

US Medical Savers offers medical advocacy to assist in lowering medical expenses as well. The service is available around the country. Many who sign up for the service meet the eligibility requirements to get their medications for free, while others will qualify for deeply discounted rates. The company offers an easy qualification process, with US Medical Savers handling everything, while consistently providing updates.

“In most cases, we are able to immediately get people significant savings,” added Becker. “Considering the average cost of medications today, it helps ensure that they are able to afford what they need.”

The company offers a free consultation to help determine the amount that can be saved on prescription drugs. The process to get the account approved takes up to two weeks, but then it’s good for at least one year. The company is focused on providing the best customer services, helping people find the discounts they need.

To get a free consultation or more information, visit the site at https://usmedicalsavers.com.

About US Medical Savers

Based in Boca Raton, Florida, US Medical Savers is a company that focuses on helping people obtain free medications or get highly discounted prescriptions. The prescription discount service is open to everyone in the country. To get more information, visit the site at https://usmedicalsavers.com.​

Source: US Medical Savers


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