Tyrone Jackson on Owning Bitcoin

Bitcoin Vs. Growth Stocks

Tyrone Jackson, The Wealthy Investor

Is Now The Time to Own Bitcoin? It’s no secret that there is a feeding frenzy on Wall Street in regard to cryptocurrencies. These days it seems as if every retail investor wants a piece of Bitcoin. “Bitcoin is not the only game in town if you want the value of your account to go higher,” says Tyrone Jackson, of the WealthyInvestor.net. Jackson’s Wealthy Investor program helps guide retail investors who are trading on their own, on how to choose great long-term investments. Jackson goes on to say, “Rather than speculating on cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, most investors would be better-served buying shares of growth stocks, that don’t get a lot of media attention and are members of the S&P 500.”

In this age of mass media on and offline, it is true that certain stocks on Wall Street tend to get more attention than others, because of their worldwide name recognition. Certain stocks that trade under one hundred dollars a share and have strong top-line revenue growth are frequently overlooked.

Mr. Jackson’s new video series highlights how stock market traders and investors could have increased their success, by learning how to build long-term stock positions in technology companies and how to use LEAPS options as a form of leverage for even greater growth. “When you understand the power of top-line revenue, LEAPS options, and how to build a long-term position, you realize there are tremendous growth possibilities outside of cryptocurrencies.” Jackson’s free video series on Bitcoin vs. growth stocks can be viewed on the Wealthy Investor website at https://thewealthyinvestor.net/wibitcoinvideo.

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