Tyler Chiropractor at Cornejo Chiropractic Uses Zone Technique for Optimal Results

Luis Cornejo says the method balances out the body to improve overall function and quality of life

Dr Luis Cornejo

​Dr. Luis Cornejo opened his practice in Tyler, Texas, in 2008 with the goal to improve overall health and wellness for the mostly Hispanic population he serves.

Using various state-of-the-art techniques as preventative medicine, he provides exceptional patient care, customizing treatment plans for individual needs.

Many people suffering from lifelong illness or even situational injuries don’t realize that chiropractic care can be the missing link for pain management and relief.

Dedicated to holistic chiropractic care as the way to heal his patients, Dr. Cornejo is always looking to grow.

To increase his chiropractic understanding, better connect with patients, and expand services, in 2019 he began attending the Zone School of Healing, founded by renowned San Francisco-based chiropractor Dr. Peter Goldman.

There, he learned the Zone Technique, based on many of Dr. Pete’s influences and experiences with a major one being the teachings of Dr. Thurman Fleet, who created Zone Therapy in 1931.

Cornejo joined an advanced level of practitioners in the mastermind group at the Zone School and immediately incorporated the method into his practice.

“I went all-in from the beginning, and it completely increased my confidence level,” he said.

Last year, he nearly doubled his client base using this technique despite the pandemic.

“I’m getting faster results in less visits,” he said, adding that the Zone Technique allows a patient’s hope of healing to become reality.

Zone Technique can reverse the effect that emotional, physical or chemical stress causes as a disruption of normal mind and body functions.

The method uses specific points in the back of the head that relate to the six different systems in the body, including the glandular, eliminative, nerve, digestive, muscular and circulatory systems.

From eliminating pain and poor digestion to restoring sleep, focus, energy and a healthy immune system—the Zone Technique achieves balance within the human body for optimal quality of life.

“Before patients would have to trust me that an adjustment would work, and now they feel the difference before and after,” he said. “They have a better understanding of what’s happening, which makes them more comfortable.”

The Zone Technique goes beyond removing interference with the mind and body to restoring the whole person into better health. It stimulates the spinal cord, sending healing energy to the brain while increasing communication with the body’s cells.

“The Zone Technique is legit,” Cornejo said. “Doctors are getting better results because the Zone School teaches you how to have a better report with the patients and develop trust. The results trump everything.”

Cornejo Chiropractic offers services for acute and chronic pain caused by inflammation after car accidents and sports and workplace injuries, as well as headaches and migraines, sciatica, sleep disorders, soft tissue pain, and much more.

For more information about Cornejo Chiropractic, call (903) 939-1415 or visit www.cornejochiropractic.com.

Source: Cornejo Chiropractic


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