Two Young Entrepreneurs Create Galician Roots, a Travel Agency Specialised in the Galician Territory and the Camino De Santiago.

The best way to discover Galicia is to do it with Galician people. Within this philosophy is born Galician Roots. A travel agency exclusively focused on the main sights of this land that proposes a different way of approaching its charms.

Behind this initiative are two young entrepreneurs in their early thirties that have seen the huge potential of this remote green corner still unknown for many travellers. Their aim is to share with the visitor the habits, landscapes, gastronomy and culture of the place where they live in, a land they know like the back of their hand and which they’re proud to belong. Showing Galicia from a Galician point of view, this sounds obvious but leaves a distinguishing and unique mark to Galician Roots, since the vast majority of agencies operating nowadays in this land are located abroad.

The Camino de Santiago is the cornerstone of this small company but it also offers a whole range of possibilities on ecological, wine and gastronomic tourism to the visitors. With a fully updated view in accordance to the current times Galician Roots brings a tailor-made tourism with customized tours and trips that can be created by the customer itself.

A thousand ways for your feet

It is said that there’s not only a Camino but thousands, as much as pilgrims. The options are plenty and Galician Roots aware of that has developed various tours allowing the traveller to complete the last 100 kilometres of the French Way; from the most basic tour including hostel accommodation to the most exclusive one including accommodation in manors, country houses and charming hotels.

The key principle is to offer a full spectrum of options allowing the traveller to simply enjoy its vacation. That’s why to a greater or lesser extent all the tours can include the transfer to the starting point, luggage transfer, physiotherapist sessions and even dinners with traditional music. And if any of the options mentioned above convinces there’ll always be a trip made to measure for the traveller as Galician Roots also offers the possibility of personalising each stage of the French, Primitive and Portuguese path.

Discover the essence of Galicia

A great way to know Galicia is being immersed in its culture, something that is not always accessible with conventional tours. As good connoisseurs of their land Galician Roots people know that Galicia has to be enjoyed through the palate too as one of its essences is the food. That’s why gastronomy has such a relevant importance in their offer, with workshops teaching the elaboration of some of the most representative dishes such as the pulpo a feira, Galician bread, Galician seafood, the empanada and much more…

Galician food has such an important role but also the wine. Another strong bet of this travel agency is the wine tourism, a field you’re invited to explore through the most traditional aspect of the production of the wine from a Ribeira Sacra. Visits to hundred-year-old cellars, trips and explanations about the production process making one of the best wines of Spain.

The eco-friendly trips and weekends of Galician Roots are another good way to discover the spirit of this land, so well preserved in some small towns, which will allow the travellers to know the way of life in rural areas and take part in organic farms in the heart of Galicia.

A different way to enjoy a different place: Galician Roots.


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Galician Roots is a travel agency specially focused on Galicia, we're proud to say that we know our country and we're glad to share our culture and landscapes with you.

Mayka Basalo
PR Manager, Galician Roots