Two Scientific Journals Published by Ural Federal University, Russia, Are Gaining International Recognition

A historical journal published by Ural Federal University has entered an international scientific database. Another journal stands a good chance of doing the same

Quaestio Rossica, a historical journal by the Institute of Humanities and Arts of Ural Federal University, has been included into the list of journals indexed by the Web of Science Core Collection. The indexing covers all issues of the journal since 2015. The first issues of the year are already available in the Web of Science.

Quaestio Rossica was founded in 2013 as an international journal for the social, political and cultural history of Russia. The journal accepts articles in several languages, but the main ones are English and Russian. All articles are reviewed and placed in the public domain.

Chief Editor of Quaestio Rossica, Francine-Dominique Lishtenan (CNRS, France), is one of the biggest European specialists in the history of Russia. The list of authors of QR includes both young and outstanding well-known researchers. In 2014-2015 the journal has published articles by Daniel Waugh (Washington), Maureen Perry (London), Sergio Bertolissi (Naples), Arto Mustajoki (Helsinki), Boris Gasparov (New York), Igor Kurukin (Moscow) and other leading experts.

For two years the journal has been highly evaluated by the professional community. In 2015 Quaestio Rossica won the “Best periodical journal" award at the VII National "University Book 2015" competition. In 2016 the Editorial Board plans to apply for entry to Scopus, another prestigious international database.

One more scientific journal that has recently been established by UrFU and the Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, is called “R-Economy”. It is a macroeconomic research and practice journal publishing research results in a wide range of economic topics connected with socioeconomic development of Russian regions and regional cross-industry networks, economic security, government regulation of regional development and integration of Russain Federation into global socioeconomic processes.

The goal of the “R-Economy” Editorial Board, which consists of leading Russian and foreign scholars, is to achieve a new quality level of publishing that employs modern information technology, thus increasing the journal’s international recognition. Another goal is to include the publication into the Scopus database and the Web of Science Core Collection.

The Editorial Staff of the “R-Economy” is encouraging scientific writers and reviewers to submit their articles for publication in the journal free of charge. Any suggestions for cooperation from academic economists are welcomed.

Creating scientific publications meeting the international standards has become a part of the program for enhancement the competitiveness of Ural Federal University, supported by the Russian government.