Two Rural Critical Access Hospitals Are Determined to Make a Difference in the Lives of Their Patients

Chronic Care Management Programs are leading patient outcomes and CMS remuneration for holistic care coordination time spent. Forward-thinking Haskell Memorial Hospital and Cogdell Memorial Hospital are enhancing each community's well-being with the CrossTx Chronic Care Management (CCM) Program, including other Care Coordination Service Lines.

While the decision to start a care coordination program is gaining considerable momentum across Rural Health Clinics and their respective Critical Access Hospitals, healthcare organizations must assess their current resources, technological capabilities, and foundational understanding of the Federal Rules governing each CMS program for eligible Medicare beneficiaries. CrossTx helps clinics around the nation like Cogdell and Haskell Memorial Hospitals accelerate the launch of a CCM program, thereby overcoming hurdles like staffing and achieving compliance, while providing ongoing support and education.

Cogdell Memorial Hospital, a 25-bed hospital serving Scurry County and surrounding communities has already enrolled patients in their CrossTx-managed CCM program. Now reimbursable programs are easy to set up and grow. Care coordination program activities include annual wellness visits, community resource referrals and closed-loop tracking, educating patients, scheduling appointments, chart reviews, medicine reconciliation, and other care coordination activities. 

Ella Helms, CEO of Cogdell Memorial Hospital, commented, "The dedicated team's process developed the Cogdell CCM Program infrastructure necessary to create an ideal system from the ground up. Appropriate resources were engaged, while eliminating any technological or workflow burdens from our providers. We will generate new revenue with increased patient engagement. Our team is committed to effective care for our Medicare Beneficiary population with multiple comorbidities."

Haskell Memorial Hospital committed last month to join the ranks of successful Care Coordination programs in the CrossTx nationwide community with their 25-bed hospital serving the citizens of Haskell County and surrounding areas. Chief Financial Officer, Elizabeth Miller, is looking forward to their sustainable program and stated, "Haskell Memorial is excited to be a part of the ongoing transition to Value-Based Care with utilizing our current staff members in Chronic Care Management, Transition of Care Management and other service lines. We are determined to continue improving the lives of our patients with measurable outcomes of success."

Haskell Memorial Hospital and Cogdell Memorial Hospital are both members of the HASA health information exchange (HIE). This HIE delivers value-based, patient-centered information services, improving the health status of individuals and communities covering 128 counties, 70+ hospitals and over 2,500 physicians. Due to HIE membership, both hospitals were able to seamlessly integrate their Electronic Health Record (EHR) data with the CrossTx platform.

As CMS continues to include new programs, guides, and reimbursement codes, the transition to Value-Based Care represents the future of healthcare and wellness.  As mentioned in a recent CMS press release, "Under value-based care, providers are reimbursed based on their ability to improve quality of care in a cost-effective manner or lower costs while maintaining standards of care, rather than the volume of care they provide." Care Coordination programs like Chronic Care Management (CCM) have a proven track record of lowering costs, improving patient outcomes and increasing revenue considerably for clinics nationwide. Chandra Donnell, Vice President of Business Development, commented for the company: "The CrossTx team is committed to synchronizing our cloud-based system to current incentive structures within the CMS Federal Rules, in alignment with existing compliance measures. In so doing, we add value for our clients by removing compliance burdens, increasing program sustainability with remuneration, mitigating fragmented communication, providing ongoing support and community; all in a fundamental effort to recognize each individual as a patient that deserves exceptional care."

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