Two Retired Economics Professors Team Up to Launch the Latest in High School Economics Education Curriculum for 2022

Innovative Educators Redefine Economics Education With RAeconomics, a 'FREE' Interactive Online Course for High School Seniors in Public Schools, Private Schools, Charter Schools, Homeschools, and for Parents at a Crucial Point in U.S. History

Eric Allmeroth and Steve Reff

During the heart of the pandemic, when face-to-face classes began to transition to online courses throughout the U.S., Steven Reff (vitae), retired economics lecturer who taught over 12,000 students during his last 10 years at The University of Arizona, and Eric Allmeroth (vitae), retired economics lecturer who taught AP Economics for 23 years and Principles of Economics at Lake Tahoe College for 21 years, teamed up to re-create their classroom course curriculum within an online environment by launching RA Economics. 

Reff had already spent many years creating online curriculum content he applied to his face-to-face classes at U of A and Allmeroth spent years re-creating his classroom presentations into a video format for use in online economics courses at LTCC for 2020 and 2021. The collaboration resulted in the most significant, innovative, interactive, entertaining, and complete economics course curriculum for high school seniors currently available in workbooks, textbooks or online.  

High school economics teachers can apply this interactive content on their classroom projection screens or students can access it simultaneously on their cell phones and tablets. Parents can also access this curriculum to test and track their student at home or apply it to a joint effort to study economics together.

To create a better system both locally and nationally, citizens must become economically literate. This content extensively prepares students for national and state-level economic exams and future college-level curriculum which enables teachers, students (and their parents) to be better informed, also increasing their knowledge base regarding various economic issues of today. High school economics teachers' and students' guestbook comments since 2006 will offer significant insight pertaining to the high value of the course content:

Most importantly, this course curriculum is "free" to anyone with a desire to explore economics concepts. Sign up here:

"Those who have never made a systematic study of economics are hampered in even thinking about national issues. They are like deaf people trying to listen to a symphony. Give them hearing aids and they may still lack talent, but at least they have a fighting chance of sensing what music really is." — Paul Samuelson, Nobel Prize Winner in Economics

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