Two Major Problems Facing Americans Everyday, Solved Using One New & Unique Strategy

The story of one company leading the way to help combat homelessness and offering help and financial aid to those facing foreclosure. This new foreclosure assistance program has been coined"Strategic Foreclosure Avoidance" and has been helping New Yorkers save their financial futures while using the home for housing our disabled veterans & those w/ special needs.

​As Americans every day we are faced with foreclosure whether its someone we know or a house on our street, which moves me to our next big problem, homelessness. Our Veterans, our special needs community and possibly even your neighbor all faced or being faced with no where to live. Most end up in shelters or even worse on the street. These are very sad and disheartening scenarios considering this country helps so many other nations in need but yet so many go without ample housing here on our own soil, nor is there any REAL help for those faced with losing their home to foreclosure. There is one company that has been making some noise in New York with a program they call "Strategic Foreclosure Avoidance". This program  or strategy as some call it was designed by Steward Redevelopment to help homeowners who are facing foreclosure, and then to also use that same home to provide a safe and beautiful place for our disabled veterans and those in our special needs community to live in and to call their own. Unlike many companies who offer foreclosure help and then charge the homeowner a fee to perform a service that usually never works, Steward Redevelopment actually does the exact opposite. Steward Redevelopment puts up ALL the money required to not only fight to save the home from foreclosure using their team of top foreclosure defense / litigation attorneys but they also put up the funds to renovate the entire home as well. To go one step further Steward Redevelopment will also pay to relocate the homeowner and their family if they are living in the home that is currently in foreclosure, this way the homeowner can be in a new home that they can actually afford, and so the home can go to a much deserving veterans or  to those who need a little extra help in our special needs community. At that point Steward Redevelopment will have a partnership agreement between their company and the homeowner both as owners in the property so they both can share in the rental income generated from the property, which the majority of the time is used by the homeowner  to pay for their new home and the rental income also allows Steward Redevelopment to fund their next project, to help the next family and, group of veterans who desperately need housing. This is all funded in house by Steward Redevelopment as they receive NO additional aid or assistance from any outside agency or company. The housing for the special needs community which Steward Redevelopment provides is an all inclusive housing package where all utilities, cable, phone, internet, heat, hot water are all included, not to mention the homes are fully furnished with all new furniture, all needed kitchen utensils, pots, pans,   silverware and drink ware is included as well. To make things a bit more comfortable and a bit easier they have included a housekeeper with each unit every 10 days and travel vouchers for those with out a car who need to get around for shopping, doctors appointments and to see family. They continue to add additional services and amenities as they continue getting input and feed back from caseworkers, case mangers, agency directors and most importantly their tenants.

This is the only true win-win option for those facing foreclosure as well as for those in need and it also benefits a few unlikely parties as well. For example it benefits the banks because they now have a positive asset on their books which the income is a guaranteed income that is received from the tenants paid out by the government, which in turn can guarantee the banks payments. Unlike your traditional landlord who has to rely on the tenant paying them and keeping their fingers crossed for the entire month, Steward Redevelopment has a guaranteed income since all the checks are government backed and come straight to them. This strategy also benefits the county the home is situated in because they county gets to keep property taxes up and zombie houses under control a bit more and eventually Steward Redevelopment hopes to have those remaining zombie homes under management also being put to good use. Even the neighbors who are living next to these houses benefit where as they do not have a run down vacant zombie house outside of their front window but instead they have a newly renovated home being put to good use for keeping folks in need off the street.

"We Can Not Solve Our Problems With The Same Thinking We Used When We Created Them" Albert Einstein -SO- We Must Be Innovative and new in our thinking. "Innovation is taking to things that already exist and putting them together in a new way" Tom Freston

As Americans we see the problem of homelessness and the problem of foreclosure staring at us everyday and for so many years we have had no real answer for either one of them. This new strategy seems to be a pretty good answer for both of those problems and the best part is they can be tackled at the same time. By taking a new strategic approach one company found a way to take two negative situations and turn them both positive, like hitting two birds with one stone. Now that's true American Innovation.

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We are a Real Estate Investment company that focuses on helping homeowners get out of foreclosure, all with No cost to them and then using the home to house disabled veterans and those with special needs.

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