'Two Crazy Cat Ladies' Influencers Launch Fifth Viral Cat Video

Two Crazy Cat Ladies

Two Crazy Cat Ladies today announced their fifth viral cat tip video on TikTok in 2021. With a total of more than 14 million views, this achievement is the latest major milestone in Two Crazy Cat Ladies' mission to help every feline live the longest, happiest, and healthiest life possible.

"It's amazing to see the response from cat parents," says Jae Kennedy-Lefebvre, co-founder of Two Crazy Cat Ladies, LLC. "This means that more people are paying closer attention to how they care for their kitties!"

"Cats are often overlooked or misunderstood," says Adrienne Kennedy-Lefebvre, co-founder of Two Crazy Cat Ladies. "The pet industry is very dog-centric, but while cats are also popular companion animals, they are very different from dogs and deserve to be acknowledged with the attention, care, and resources they need."

Two Crazy Cat Ladies release three cat tip videos each week. Click the links below to see this year's viral videos:

About Two Crazy Cat Ladies: The Two Crazy Cat Ladies™ are cat advocates, social media influencers, bloggers, and content creators. They offer a full line of natural supplements [Feline Essential™] made to help many common health issues in cats. They host regular live shows on social media to connect with cat parents and answer questions about their kitties while sharing tips about cat health and happiness via blogs and videos.


Jae & Adrienne Kennedy-Lefebvre

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