Twine Helps Florida Schools Displaced by TLE Shutdown

School Management Software Company Offers Solutions for Schools Losing Their Online Systems

When Twine CEO Gary Falcon found out that a popular school management software, the Teaching and Learning Exchange, would be ceasing operations at the end of this school year due to budget cuts suffered by its provider, Step Up For Students, he knew his team needed to step in and provide assistance to the dozens of small private schools that were now left searching for a way to keep their schools up and running.

“These are obviously unprecedented times for everyone, but especially in the education industry,” said Falcon. “It is unfortunate that Step Up For Students had to make the tough decision to shut down the TLE service, but we’re hoping we can help many of these schools continue operations with minimal disruption.”

Special services are being provided for schools that need a quick replacement for TLE, including rapid onboarding, which gets schools up and running in Twine in a matter of days, and data migration, so schools don’t have to worry about their current student data being lost in the transition. A special web page is available to schools affected by the closure to answer questions and provide information about how they can transition and how their data will be seamlessly moved. A series of webinars are also planned, so school leaders can see how Twine works and have the chance to ask specific questions to Twine representatives.

About Twine: Twine is a provider of school management software for small-to-medium sized private and charter schools based in Decatur, Ga. Founded in 2016, Twine provides school websites, staff intranets, parent communications, online classrooms, assessment, report cards, transcripts, and more, to schools both domestically and internationally.​


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