TVizion LLC Acquired by NuMedia Global LLC to Expand Its Global Media Markets

TVizion LLC, a streaming media company in North America, announced the completion of its acquisition and sale to NuMedia Global LLC, A Nevis Limited Liability Corporation, for an undisclosed amount. This purchase of TVizion to NuMedia will better serve the needs of its growing customers and independent marketing representatives to open new global marketing and customer acquisition.   

The stock purchase of TVizion LLC includes and all software, contracts, assets, bank accounts, customer lists, receivables and marketing distributors.

“We’re excited about our acquisition of TVizion LLC as a stand-alone media product in addition to our quality health and wellness products. This acquisition allows our company to enter new service-based markets on a global scale as we start adding a host of international content on the TVizion Network,” said Colin Smith, CTO of NuMedia Global LLC.

“TVizion is one of the fastest-growing streaming media providers in North America today. This acquisition by NuMedia Global LLC allows us to quickly expand into lucrative global media markets by offering hundreds of International Channels and movies-on-demand for one low price. Our independent representative will greatly benefit from NuMedia’s global marketing experience and current presence in 12 countries," said Jim Ferras, CEO of TVizion LLC. 

Contact: Colin Smith
1 (888) 484-4282


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