TV Personality and Recovery Advocate Jason Wahler Joins Oakvine Recovery Center

Together, They Will Provide Crucial Treatment and Offer Scholarships to Those in Need

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Today, Jason Wahler, recovery advocate and TV personality best known from MTV's hit show "The Hills," announced his partnership with Oakvine Recovery Center during a launch event to welcome its new facility in Austin, Texas.

The new center is at the forefront of how professionals approach aftercare in addiction treatment, using an evidence-based, progressive approach. Together, Jason and Oakvine Recovery Center will be offering scholarships through The Red Songbird Foundation, in which Jason serves on the board of directors. 

As of now, according to statistics, only seven percent of patients who receive treatment stay sober, making aftercare an extremely crucial step in the recovery process. In the last year, the number of overdoses has increased to a shocking 93,000, which is higher than ever. 

"I've always said, 'It's not hard to get sober, it's hard to stay sober.' It's great to see and connect with an organization that embraces that to provide a fresh new take on aftercare by using technology, evidence-based practices, and really getting buy-in from their clients," said  Wahler.

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Jason Wahler is a substance abuse recovery advocate and TV personality who stars on MTV's "The Hills: New Beginnings." Since 2010, Jason has faced a very public battle with addiction. Now in recovery for years and sober for over a year, Jason and wife Ashley Wahler are parents to two beautiful children. He vowed to return to the show to use it as a platform to encourage others on their path of recovery and redemption, portraying his determination even when surrounded with obstacles, opposition, temptations, and other very relatable, very real issues that will be displayed on the show. The goal is to use the experience to uplift his work in the recovery space to break stigmas, spread awareness, and help others. Jason works with The Red Songbird Foundation where he serves on the board as co-chair. Their mission is to help people obtain the care they need for trauma, mental health and alcoholism or substance abuse. He also serves on the boards for The Los Angeles Mission, Cure Addiction Now, and The Brent Shapiro Foundation. 


Oakvine Recovery Center is best known for providing world-class evidence-based care to patients while allowing them to work full-time jobs. Oakvine uses the latest technology and modalities to treat all forms of addiction. The center offers high-level care in an outpatient setting, which has continued to deliver results for many of its patients.

For additional information, please contact: 

Oakvine Recovery Center - Courtney Cox: 214-773-8486

Source: Oakvine Recovery Center

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