TV Animated Special Based on the Adventures of Little Billy 'In Search of the Magic Tree' Book is Set to Be Released

Best-Selling Author, Barry Farber, Brings his Secrets of Success Traits to a Fun, Children's Animated Series

Best-selling business and leadership books author, Barry Farber, has announced that his children's book, The Adventures of Little Billy,"In Search of the Magic Tree," will be released as an animated television special on April 9, 2022. 

This wonderful children's story reveals the secrets that little Billy discovers on his adventure and offers valuable life lessons for children on how they can create more meaningful friendships, deeper happiness and be on the path to greater success, bringing more awareness to the many traits that highly successful leaders should have.

The book has five key animals who all interact with Billy on his journey to find the Magic Tree. Each of the animals have been given the essential secrets of the key chapters in Farber's Diamond in the Rough, his best-selling business book, that incorporates five traits of highly successful leaders. "I believe that it's never too early for kids to learn and understand important life values and traits on how they can be happier and more successful as they grow and mature. 

This book is all about giving them something fun to read while providing strong values parents will appreciate," said Farber. "For example, from the beginning, Lawrence the Owl speaks to helping all the animals regardless of who they are and Ruppert the Toad emphasizes that Billy needs to look on the inside of those he sees." With that mindset, Farber has brought in known celebrities to play each character based on how each is viewed in society. Sherman the Turtle will be played by Ottis Jerome "O.J." Anderson, The Amazing Kreskin is set to play The Magic Tree and Bobby Collins will take on the role of Bosco the Bear. And starring in the role of Little Billy is Eden Kontesz, who at only 10 years old, has already made a name for herself singing and acting in TV shows such as The Simpsons and Transparent.

 The Adventures of Little Billy was illustrated by Glen A Schofield. Color transformation was done by Shoshanna Sommer. Barry Farber is a best-selling author of 14 business and inspirational books in over 30 languages. Farber is also an award-winning radio and television host, as well as an agent and marketing consultant for corporations, professional athletes and entertainers. 

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