Tusk & Consultants Promotions Announces Internships

While May is considered to be a big season for college graduations, many students matriculate in December. Other students are seeking internships. Tusk & Consultants Promotions has both internships and jobs opportunities available.

“This is actually a great season for college recruitments,” stated Austin, Tusk & Consultants Promotions’ director of operations. “We’re seeking recent graduates to fill a host of positions. In addition, for current students, we have a terrific internship program that allows plenty of hands-on experience.”

Austin noted that Tusk & Consultants Promotions is partnering with local universities and community colleges to provide students with these opportunities. “We meet with students on campus to discuss the sales and marketing positions we have available,” he said. “It helps them feel comfortable learning more, while we get an impression of the potential candidate pool.”

"We meet with students on campus to discuss the sales and marketing positions we have available,"

Austin, Director of Operations

As Austin indicated, the internships are more akin to entry-level positions than traditional internships. “You won’t be a coffee runner, that’s for sure,” he emphasized. “Our interns train with the same intensity as our new team members. We coach them on the ins and outs of dynamic marketing. When they’re finished with their internships, not only have they gained experience, but they have something substantial to add to their work portfolios.”

Tusk & Consultants Promotions on Why to Hire Recent College Graduates

At Tusk & Consultants Promotions, there is a tremendous emphasis placed on forward-thinking approaches to sales and marketing. For that reason, Austin advised that that firm’s managers lean toward recent college graduates in their recruitment efforts. “We love the energy of new college graduates,” he said. “They’re not only excited to enter the workforce, but they’re eager to actively participate in making a difference in the firm.”

Austin noted that for companies like Tusk & Consultants Promotions, recent college graduates offer many fresh ideas. “They’re teeming with ways to do things a little differently, even a little better,” he explained. “Plus, they’re technologically savvy, which is great for our business because our research analysis is heavily based on report generation.”

Finally, Austin observed that recent grads tend to be more team-oriented. “College classes today are team-based, so these grads already have experience working in collaborative environments,” he said. “We’re lucky to be able to tap into that skill set.”

“We’ve been fortunate with our college recruitment process to date,” shared Austin. “We look forward to meeting these new grads and adding fresh talent to our exceptional team.”

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