Turn2 Marketing Team Enjoys Rewarding Travel Events

Turn2 Marketing Concepts' President discussed the recent leadership conference in Dallas and the benefits it offered to those who attended. He also shared his best tips for networking at big industry events.

​Members of Team Turn2 Marketing Concepts enjoy taking advantage of travel opportunities. A recent trip brought a wealth of educational rewards. Dave, the firm's President, explained, "This past month I brought a few of our company's top performers with me to a top leader's conference in Dallas. Robert, Esly, Taylor, Ethan, Tim, and Megan were the associates who joined me on this trip, and they all returned with valuable insights to accelerate their professional growth."

Spending time around accomplished leaders is an ideal way to learn different approaches to achieving success. "There are so many diverse viewpoints to learn from at an event like the top leader's conference," Dave added. "Our associates not only picked up some new strategies to implement back at the Turn2 Marketing Concepts office; they also got to see the bigger picture in terms of what they can achieve in our industry. The leaders they met had all kinds of stories to tell about how they got to where they are. I have no doubt that our people will make the most of what they learned."

Turn2 Marketing Concepts' President Shares Networking Tips for Conferences

There are a few specific ways Dave prepares his team members for networking success at big industry events such as the Dallas conference. Perhaps the most useful strategy to use in these situations is to adopt the right mental approach. The company President explained, "It's best to have somewhat modest goals when it comes to making connections at a conference. If you try to add everyone you encounter to your contact list, you're probably going to end up with a lot of surface-level connections. I encourage our team members to set a goal of making three or four meaningful contacts at every conference."

The President also discussed the importance of effective follow-up messages with new connections. "It's essential to let people know you want to forge mutually beneficial bonds," he stated. "One of the best ways to ensure this is through following up within a day or two of your initial meetings. I also think it's important to check in a few more times after the first follow-up messages. Taking notes right after their discussions at big events helps our Turn2 Marketing Concepts team members reach out to new contacts in memorable ways."

About Turn2 Marketing Concepts:

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