Turkish Filmmaker to reveal "The Secret of 2012" in a new documentary

"The Transition" is poised to be the key to the importance of the present time in the World which is considered to be a 'Transition Period' in the metaphysical belief systems.


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Beverly Hills, CA - March 22, 2010 - MAKARA FILM, the Los Angeles based film production company, announced the upcoming release of the buzz documentary feature "The Transition" was shot by Turkey's youngest woman filmmaker, Ceyda Asli, the first Muslim film director in her country made controversial movies concerning quantum physics 'Whilst On My Way ' and reincarnation 'The Lock". The announcement was made today by Makara Film President Ceyda Asli.

The documentary, which is a Turkish-American co-production was shot in India, at the temple of Mabudan and is supported by Brahma Kumaris, Indian Spiritual Organization (World Spiritual University). 
Providing the predictions for upcoming human transformation in the scriptures as well as the mystery of dimensions, the controversial documentary also includes interviews with people in the temples on what is being expected to happen in the World. Those who live in the temples to study the knowledge also make public how they perceive the 4th dimension in the physical world. Turkey's youngest woman director, Ceyda Asli Kilickiran, reveals the film having similarities with "The Secret." The film highlights that all religions serve the same purpose. The Transition also emphasizes the combination of modern physics and belief systems. The young director indicates that the mystical nature of the documentary will attract attention. 

About the Director:

After Graduating from Istanbul University Department of English Literature, she wrote for publications such as Daily News and Middle East Journal on the trials and tribulations of Middle Eastern women. She was also the Editor-in-Chief of CIDC Insight Journal. It gave her an opportunity to create advertising campaigns and to shoot TV commercials. This jettisoned her into filmmaking. She has been filming her own scripts for the past five years. She is also known as the youngest female director of the Turkish Cinema. The award winning artist was also selected as one of the 5 Most Successful Entrepreneur Women of Turkey in 2009 by Turkish Garanti Bank, KAGDER (Women Entrepreneur Association,) and KOB (Small and Medium Administration Union)

About "The Transition":

A thought-provoking documentary - "The Transition" takes you on a mysterious journey with revealing interviews with Shamans, Metaphysicians and Spiritual experts who talk on unusual topics such as ; 'teleportation in the new age' and 'the dimensional leap of human being to the fifth dimension'.. What does the year 2012 signify according to the Mayan Calendar? All this and many more mystical secrets are talked about in "The Transition".

About Makara Film:

MAKARA FILM is a production company based out of Istanbul, Turkey. They have a branch office in Los Angeles, CA.

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