Turbocharged Nutrition Debuts the Next Generation of Superfood

Company's Turbocharged Body Fuel helps mind-body health and immune system functioning

Turbocharged Nutrition

Turbocharged Nutrition today announced the debut of their Turbocharged Body Fuel superfood drink mix, which represents the next generation of superfood. This nutrient-dense superfood product offers premium, all-natural ingredients.

The team at Turbocharged Nutrition set out to create the perfect product in this category because they could not find one available on the market. The Turbocharged Body Fuel drink mix contains premium, potent, natural ingredients without any fillers. All formulas are 100 percent tested and proven. They adhere to the strictest manufacturing process in a Good Manufacturing Process (GMP) facility to ensure proper monitoring and control of the entire manufacturing process.

All ingredients included in the superfood drink mix are clearly identified on the nutrition label and offer a huge dose of superfoods in a healthy, low-calorie drink mix that is not only healthy but tastes like an orange creamsicle dessert. Turbocharged Body Fuel is stacked with energy-infused ingredients, such as blended greens, unique antioxidant extracts, probiotics, digestive enzymes and multivitamins at only 30 calories per serving.

Turbocharged Nutrition's Body Fuel contains turmeric root, watercress leaf, spinach leaf, acai berry, wheatgrass, green tea, rose hips, goji berries, milk thistle, NADH and many more ingredients to provide everything bodies need to make the mind work better, improve immune system functioning and overall health. The drink mix also contains a bonus ingredient unique to the superfood industry.

"We consider Turbocharged Nutrition to be our contribution to society. To the world. We have a true passion to help others become healthier. And we won't stop until we make a health-enhancing and positive impact on the world," said a spokesperson for Turbocharged Nutrition.

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Source: Turbocharged Nutrition