TuffCrowd Entertainment and Rise Together Announce 'Rise Together' a Show Written and Directed by South LA Artist Halla

Groundbreaking Original Theater Show to Debut One Night Only at the Globe Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles

Rise Together

Today, TuffCrowd Entertainment and Rise Together announced a one-night-only poetry and music show written and directed by South LA artist, Michael "Halla" Williams. Los Angeles theatre organization Broadway West is a media sponsor. The show, named "Rise Together," is on Thursday, Aug. 26 at the Globe Theatre in Downtown Los Angeles. Doors will open at 6:00 pm and the event will begin at 7:00 pm. The program will feature social justice themes and a diverse cast and crew, all working to show how Angelenos can come together to overcome the crises this city face

"Halla is a phenomenon," said Craig Greiwe, Co-Founder of Rise Together. "From the first time we saw his work, we knew we wanted to partner with him and TuffCrowd. Halla's ability to use passion, poetry, and music to put together a theatrical experience unlike any other is incredible. We have been campaigning for months to show the people of Los Angeles that the future is in their hands, and Halla's show is another powerful step in that journey."

The "Rise Together" music and poetry show will highlight powerful storytelling about what's really happening in Los Angeles, and the opportunity for its people to change the course of the city, for the better, together.

"There's a lot that's wrong in Los Angeles, but there's also a lot that's right, starting with its people," said Halla. "I am excited to bring the community a show that not only shines a light on what's really happening, but what we can all do about it. Social justice isn't just a cause, it's a goal — and Rise Together is working to help make it a reality."

For the first time in LA's history, Angelenos will have an opportunity for change in unprecedented ways. Due to the date change in the upcoming 2022 municipal elections, new voters will outnumber previous voters by a 2:1 margin — which means there is an opportunity for more voices at the ballot box and an opportunity to save this city.

"We're very excited to partner and help promote local artists and fully support any endeavors that connect art, theater, community and diversity," said Marcus Lovingood, Founder of Broadway West, a media sponsor of the event.

Rise Together will also be rolling out detailed policy roadmaps in the coming weeks as it continues to build the largest coalition of everyday Angelenos, based on common ground and common sense.

Tickets can be purchased here. More details can be found on all major social platforms @RiseTogetherLA and on Rise Together's website at www.risetogether.la

About Rise Together

Rise Together is a 501(c)4 non-profit focused on upending politics as usual in the city of Los Angeles by leveraging the long-dormant power of the public. Rise Together is spending more than two million dollars in a dedicated public outreach campaign to inspire and educate the electorate, and to ensure the 2022 elections are focused on accountability and facts. The organization uses innovative, cost-effective outreach and marketing to re-engage and re-invest the general public in advance of the 2022 elections, to convince people that progress is possible, and that it comes from common ground. Learn more @RiseTogetherLA and www.risetogether.la.

About Halla & TuffCrowd Entertainment:

Michael "Halla" Williams is the Founder and CEO of TuffCrowd Entertainment which was founded in 2012. Halla has 3 children, Meanna Williams, Mekhi Williams and Michael Halla Williams. Halla wears many hats such as Director, Writer, Producer, Actor, Rapper, and Entrepreneur. He has written and performed 20 stage plays as of 2021. Shooting his feature film Concrete Jungle, Pilot Series "Trapman," a ghetto black superhero comedy, and a host of other special guest appearances, Halla has made quite a name for himself. His goal is to change the world two eyes and two ears at a time with his gifts of entertainment given to him by God. The big plan and vision for Halla is to open different chapters of TuffCrowd in the US and then globally. Being remembered as one of the most prolific writers of his time in film and TV next to Spike Lee, Tyler Perry, and Ice Cube is not just a dream, but an inspiration. He started TuffCrowd organically to inspire creative and artistic individuals to strive and work towards being the biggest entertainers in the world. Taking pride in his music and poetry shows, Halla has created a structure for the entertainment world in hopes the world can dream beyond the stars. Halla the illest poet alive!

About Broadway West:

Broadway West is a 501(c)3 nonprofit dedicated to the preservation and activation of the Broadway Theater District in Downtown Los Angeles.

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Jennifer Buonantony for Rise Together 

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