TTN Travel Offers Insights, Booking for Tours and Travel

TTN Travel designed to help users plan tours more easily

TTN Travel has launched a new website designed to connect travelers with the latest news, along with tips for planning a trip.

“Everyone, but especially travel junkies and people who want to lessen travel hassles, can benefit from as much information as possible,” Thomas Nguyen, founder of TTN Travel, said. “We are offering a single, go-to source where people can find a complete guide to travel planning, including tips on setting up the perfect trip.”

The site highlights products and services designed to make travel easier, less expensive, and more fun. One site highlighted recently is Roomorama, which connects travelers with people at their destination who are willing to rent out space to stay. That has several advantages over a hotel, because not only will it likely cost far less than a regular hotel room, it also helps connect travelers with the places they are going. The service also allows users to choose what amenities and services they’d like when selecting a place to rent.

“No matter where you want to go, or what you plan to do, the true key to having the best and safest time, and in making the best choices, is to be in the know,” Nguyen said. “Yet there is so much information out there, you could easily spend all your travel time just finding out the facts you want about either destinations or journeys. We are a reliable guide—think of our site as a local expert who wants to help show the path to the best locations.”

Another service highlighted is FlightCar, which allows users to park their car for free, and rent it out to others while they are away, making as much as $500 for a month-long trip. The site has also featured companies that offer tour packages to Mexico and to the United Kingdom.

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