TSE Safety Develops New Products to Prevent Knee Injuries

TSE Safety has developed a unique line of safety products that is designed to protect workers from knee injuries. These products also assist companies with developing exceptional safety programs.

​It is common knowledge that a company who maintains an exceptional safety program will not only be more profitable but will also have better employee morale than companies who choose to ignore the OSHA requirements of a safety program. 

According to a recent study by US Healthworks (A leading national operator of 208 medical centers) the knee injury was ranked in the top 5 of injuries suffered by American workers. In fact, it is likely that anyone reading this article can identify a friend or family member that has had to undergo a knee replacement or a knee surgery. And this makes perfect sense because the knee joint bears more weight than any other joint in the human body. 

A company with an exceptional safety program, therefore, will equip its valuable employees with state of the art, comfortable and safe knee pads. TSE Safety has developed a unique line of safety products that make both field employees and purchasing agents smile (due to the comfort, safety and price point). 

Here are some of the industries that the TSE knee pads have been tried, tested and found to perform above and beyond any product offered by the competition: 

  • Large Fabrication 
  • Welding 
  • Construction 
  • Industrial Safety 
  • Leading National Railroad and Railcar Manufacturing 
  • Ship Building 
  • Wind Turbine 
  • Oilrig Construction and Maintenance 

Major companies in all of the above industries have tested, approved and supply their workers with TSE Safety products.

“These kneepads sell themselves.” says David Pratson President of TSE Safety. “We get the requested samples to the workers, the guys on the line, and they come back with outstanding reviews. The safety guys love them because they provide more protection and then the purchasing agents see what a great value they are by lasting longer and costing less than what they have been using.” 

The flagship of the line are the (Patent Pending) True Flex Knee Pads® that are anatomically designed to flex with the natural motion of the knee. This design keeps the knee pad in place while most other knee pads constantly slip down. The True Flex Knee Pads® have been refined and improved over 17 years of in field testing with direct input from workers in some of the most extreme work environments. 

By having this direct input and feedback from actual users they are not just a cool looking safety knee pad but really work in real world applications. Along with the noticeable jointed shell construction that protects the user well above and below the knee there are several other key features that make the True Flex Knee Pads® a step above the others. Having a series of horizontal wear pads that reduce impact with a shock absorber type affect they also create a flat surface for a more stable base. The dual density inner foam pad goes from a soft cushy foam against the knee to a firmer foam against the outer shell creating great comfort and an inner pad that last much longer than single density foam. 

An air vent system is also incorporated into the inner pad allowing air to flow to the knee keeping the user cooler-there is also a Gel version available as well. Easy adjustable zip clips allow the user to adjust tension even while in use and straps are positioned so as not to cut off circulation behind the knee as many other knee pads do. 

There are several other new products such as the TSE-Spark Deflecting Knee Pad Apron that keeps sparks from getting in between the users knee and the knee pad while welding and the TSE-Pro Pocket Knee Savers designed for double knee work pants such as Dickies® and Carhartt®. Contact True Source Enterprises, Inc. for a distributor near you. 


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