TS Nichols's New Book 'The Valley Beyond: A Daughter's Bond' is an Intriguing Tale of a Young Noblewoman's Poignant Life in the Late Twelfth-Century Spain

TS Nichols, a passionate writer with an interest in medieval history who is currently retired and resides in New Jersey, has completed his most recent book “The Valley Beyond: A Daughter’s Bond”: a page-turning novel about a young girl of noble descent who deals with the plot against her life and other provocative events that involve her wealth and status.

Nichols writes, “Lucia is an active child whose curiosity and behavior tend to get her into trouble. At the age of thirteen, she inherits the Condado of Segoia from the presumed death of her father, Don Fernando, who perished while on a crusade to the Holy Land. In addition, she inherits several titles and a vast amount of wealth from her mother, Lady Margaret, who dies while giving birth to Lucia. Her wealth is coveted by Don Raimundo Ortega Diaz, the Conde of Donato. He needs Lucia’s wealth to raise an army to take the throne of Castile in order to plunder the vast riches that lie to the south in Al-Andalus, the home of the Moors. He plots her demise to obtain her wealth.

Set against the backdrop of the ongoing war against the Moors in late twelfth-century Spain, Lucia is challenged by her lack of maturity, assassination attempts, her love for her dearest friend Isabella, befriending a Moor, a love interest with a French knight, and the ongoing questions concerning her deceased mother. These questions lead her to Pomeroi, her duchy in France, only if she can survive her travels beyond the Pyrenees.”

Published by Fulton Books, TS Nichols’s book shares a tantalizing journey of an inexperienced young noblewoman as she struggles to balance and survive in her newfound position following the tragedies in her life.

This book will take the readers to an era filled with royalty, politics, and wars that defined a young noblewoman’s character and purpose amid such turmoil.

Readers who wish to experience this fabulous work can purchase “The Valley Beyond: A Daughter’s Bond” at bookstores everywhere or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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