TryHealthier - the Art of Living Website Launch

​ is a website devoted to providing well researched articles and tips on how an individual can keep their body, mind and spirit healthy in a way that is easy for anyone to understand on March 10, 2016. will stand out from the competition due to the fact that this service actually focuses on helping the readers with high quality articles and also through the "ask the doctor" feature that can be found easily on the homepage of the website.

TryHealthier also aims to enlist the help of the medical community in educating and providing personalized information and answers in regards to the user's health issues or concerns through the "Ask The Doctor" section of the website and also, the company is  proud to announce that it will provide this service for free, forever.

The company has conducted many surveys related to the services it provides and the overall usability of the website and the feedback TryHealthier received was amazing - over 95% percent of the users questioned said that they would recommend this service to a close friend or relative.

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Cristea Vlad
Founder & Marketing Drector

About TryHealthier is here to provide you with cool tips on how to keep your body, mind and spirit healthy - in a way that is easy for anyone to understand . Enjoy our well researched articles.

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