Trustology, GCEX and Bosonic Partner on Streamlined, Risk-Free Digital Asset Trading


Leading crypto custody solutions provider Trustology, and FCA-regulated broker (FRN 828730), GCEX have today announced an expanded partnership with San Francisco based Bosonic, a leading global technology company that builds infrastructure to eliminate counterparty credit and settlement risk in Digital Asset markets for institutional clients. Together, the partnership will help to improve overall capital efficiency for institutional traders and eliminate counterparty settlement risk in digital asset trading. 

Institutions still suffer from inefficiencies in the trading and settlement process. As traded assets leave their control and move through the workflow of dealers, exchanges and brokers, institutional traders face balance sheet limitations leading to slow, multi-leg bilateral transactions, siloed collateral, counterparty credit risk, and general capital inefficiencies.  

More assurances are still needed for verified counterparties, guaranteed transactions and instant settlement to help mitigate settlement and operational risks, especially when margin trading. Whilst there are solutions in the market today, providing an open network partnership as proposed by the combination of GCEX, leveraging Trustology and Bosonic to address these issues is more advantageous, the benefits of which are outlined below.   

Bosonic created the Bosonic Network™, a real-time collateral management, payments and settlement network that leverages cryptography to eliminate risk in digital asset markets, as a foundational element to being able to build solutions that solve these problems. Through the digitization of assets, real-time atomic exchange of assets, and automation, the Bosonic Network delivers instant and risk-free clearing and settlement between any clients of custodians that are member institutions on the network. 

Trustology will use the Bosonic Network to tokenise escrowed funds allowing liquidity makers and takers to trade with multiple counterparties off a single guaranteed capital pool, avoiding capital fragmentation and settlement risk. With Trustology executing netted settlements and acting as the sole custodian on both sides of the trade, they also save on transaction costs. GCEX's institutional-grade and regulated platform, with clear pricing models, especially on overnight financing, allows our clients to avoid transparency issues that have mired the crypto industry thus far. GCEX tries to alleviate problems of best execution and counterparty risk, bringing crypto trading into up-to-date frameworks. 

GCEX is a non-custodial, technology-agnostic platform. Developed for institutions who wish to access the crypto market in a compliant, insured and regulated manner.

"As an insured custodian wallet provider, we provide a super-fast, highly secure, customisable and programmable platform for institutions. Now in conjunction with GCEX and Bosonic, we can ensure facilitating efficient settlement and improving risk mitigation in one network," states Alex Batlin, Founder and CEO, Trustology. 

Lars Holst, CEO, "GCEX sources the deepest liquidity for its clients all over the world, allowing our clients to access crypto in a compliant and institutional manner. Counterparty and custody risks rank some of the most common concerns of our clients. We hope by adding ourselves to the network, along with our partners, allows institutions to access this new developing market." 

Rosario Ingargiola, CEO and Founder of Bosonic said: "By seamlessly connecting the safety of Trustology's digital asset storage with the freedom to access deep, institutional liquidity at GCEX through the Bosonic Network, our clients now have capital efficient access to GCEX. Our unique custodian-agnostic solution enables them to trade on GCEX liquidity while keeping their assets in their own account at the custodian of their choosing."



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About Trustology

London based Trustology is focussed on developing solutions to help institutional, corporate and private clients safeguard and administer cryptoassets in a safer, faster and easier way on-chain, on-DeFi, and on-exchange. Founded in 2017 by Alex Batlin and a team of experts in global banking and technology, Trustology is backed by ConsenSys, a global blockchain company, and Two Sigma Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund of Two Sigma.

About GCEX

Headquartered in London, GCEX was established in 2018 responding to demand for regulated and compliant exposure to the digital asset market. GCEX is a technology-agnostic platform, allowing brokers, funds and other professional traders to access deep liquidity in all the markets we offer. We offer exposure and access to traditional and digital markets. Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FRN 828730). GCEX is a technology solution for professional and institutional clients only.

About Bosonic

Founded in 2016, BOSONIC is a leading technology company based in San Francisco that is building infrastructure to eliminate counterparty credit and settlement risk in Digital Asset markets. Our custodian-agnostic network infrastructure, the Bosonic Network™, provides member institutions with instant access to a real-time collateral management, payments and settlement network that leverages patent-pending cryptography and automation to eliminate risk in Digital Asset markets. With over 60 member institutions, ranging from custodians to exchanges to the world's largest market makers, and $5 Billion in transactions since its launch in Q4 2020, the Bosonic Network is already delivering infrastructure that's reshaping the future of Digital Asset markets.

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