Trusted Space Extends Leadership in xGEO Domain Awareness

Trusted Space is awarded multiple contracts for Data Science Research and Development for Satellite Autonomy, Satellite Fault Identification and Causation, Battlespace Awareness, and Cislunar Space Domain Awareness (SDA) Operations.


Trusted Space, a Virginia corporation with employees in six U.S. states and the District of Columbia, announced today that they have been awarded a series of contracts in September 2022, from the USSF (United States Space Force) and Space Laboratories in various locations. Trusted Space provides services with expertise in research, development, engineering, and operational support to advance safe and autonomous operations in space, including the Cislunar domain. 

With their recent awards, Trusted Space extends its leadership in xGEO domain awareness, building upon its role as the Project Rocket Experiment Mission Manager and several Cislunar design and engineering efforts for commercial and U.S. government customers. One of the Trusted Space founders, Tom Kubancik, stated, "Safe operations in the Cislunar domain require new and enhanced methods to operate, navigate, and communicate. Our work in autonomy and domain awareness are critical elements needed to extend operations to the moon and beyond, with the goal of safe civilian, commercial, and national endeavors in space." 


Trusted Space was founded in October of 2019, with a vision that future space operations will require increasingly autonomous, self-aware, and collaborative capabilities to perform critical missions in a contested space environment and for operations in the Extra-Geosynchronous Earth Orbit (xGEO) domain. Trusted Space is a differentiated engineering service company, with a growing staff of scientists, engineers, software developers and subject matter experts serving the U.S. government and industry, providing Space Mission Engineering, Mission Data Processing, and Spacecraft Autonomy.

 Find us at the AMOS (Advanced Maui Optical and Space) Conference. Trusted Space will be participating in the AMOS Conference and is a Sponsor of the EMER-GEN program Sept. 25-29 in Maui, Hawaii. Trusted Space researchers and engineers will be presenting papers on Cislunar Space Domain Awareness (SDA), chairing sessions on Machine Learning for SDA, and participating in a global forum for Verification of Space Activities while at the conference. As a sponsor and mentor in the EMER-GEN program, Trusted Space is living its commitment to growing and enhancing the careers of future leaders in the space industry. For more information, please contact Tom Kubancik at #AMOS2022 #CislunarSpace #SDA #spacenews #TrustedSpace

Source: Trusted Space