Trusted Plumbing and Heating Opens Leak Detection Division to Support High Demand

Leak detection services are ramping up in Washington State. The team at Trusted Plumbing and Heating gives insight to the importance of taking care of leaky pipes early - and what could happen if homeowners don't.

Trusted Plumbing and Heating

Trusted Plumbing and Heating, a locally owned plumbing company out of Renton, Washington, stresses the importance of taking care of residential plumbing. From preventing costly damage to improving carbon footprints, water leak detection can be an important step to take. Those living in the King County area can make smart moves to improve their living conditions, and make substantial savings. With COVID-19 affecting the way we work, many people are spending far more time at home -  this makes the investment and care for their home far more worthwhile.

With an influx of homeowners in need of leak detection, Trusted Plumbing and Heating provides clarity around the four damaging effects of a leak that goes uncared for:

  1. It can cause water bills to increase. And worse, it can become more expensive in time as water damage can cause both exterior and interior problems. With the help of a professional early on, homeowners could make great savings in the long run. The EPA emphasizes that 10% of homes have water leaks that waste at least 90 gallons of water in one day. This means the average home with leaks can end up wasting nearly 10,000 gallons of water per year. Fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners at least 10% on their water bills.
  2. Destruction to other property. Water damage can cause a mold issue in the home, as well as other contaminants that may be getting into the water that families drink and use on a daily basis. In addition, it can cause other infestations and rotting, all of which become significantly more expensive to solve.
  3. Damage to health. The mold damage and contaminants are not only unhealthy to the home itself but could affect the health of those living inside. Mold can cause respiratory health issues and unpleasant symptoms such as stuffy nose, difficulty breathing, and skin reactions. The CDC recommends addressing mold issues to improve health. Especially in the midst of a worldwide pandemic, it's important to take care of the whole family's health.
  4. Environmental effects. The U.S. population is growing, and it's getting harder to obtain water to meet the demand. Droughts are happening throughout the country, and some reservoirs are the lowest they have ever been. Investing in water leak detection can be more than personal investment - it's everyone's duty to care for the environment. 

Leak detection can bring substantial cost, prevent damage, and improve the environment. The repercussions of leaky plumbing can cause many problems, and it's important to take care of these issues right away. To get professional leak detection services in the King County area, visit or call 206.231.5007.

Source: Trusted Plumbing and Heating