TruPlace Photography and Virtual Tours Publishes Report on Vacation Rental Industry 2020 Data

TruPlace, a provider of premium property visuals, released a study on the 2020 data captured from Google Analytics on its virtual tours, revealing which properties were best positioned to benefit from the increased popularity in domestic vacation rentals

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TruPlace, Inc, a provider of premium property visuals, announces a new study of 2020 virtual tour data for its vacation rental clients. Comparing the 2019 data to 2020 data, TruPlace identified key insights and actionable takeaways based on Google Analytics data on webpages containing its virtual tours. The findings verify the "rollercoaster" feeling that industry professionals experienced in 2020. From the initial shutdowns to operating at capacity for some locations, the data indicate what most people felt, and might be still feeling. 

TruPlace is able to access Google Analytics on web pages containing its virtual tours, which are displayed on its clients' vacation rental property websites. When a potential guest of that vacation rental views a page with information about a property they manage, there is a link or button that can be clicked on to view a TruPlace tour. The data reviewed from 2020 compared to that of 2019 was so different that a report was written and published. In fact, the activity from 2020 is unlike any year prior to it since TruPlace began analyzing its tour links nearly five years ago.   

"Even though we all went through it and experienced it for ourselves, the findings were still shocking to see," says TruPlace co-founder and CEO Bob Cusack. "Our clients who already had our virtual tours on them seemed to have been well-positioned when the tsunami of webpage views came in 2020." 

The rush of tour views started in May 2020 where Google page views show a sharp increase in views of virtual tours. The report states that there was a 232% increase in page views year over year. The unprecedented spike in views, however, was not sustained throughout the year. On July 4, 2020, pageview counts were nearly the same as those from 2019. By December 2020, there was a 72% deficit from 2019 numbers. 

Not all locations experienced large gains in new visitors. Properties in Florida, North Carolina and Tennessee saw some of the more interesting gains in drive-to traffic from nearby cities. The report found that the average drive time between destinations was approximately 4.2 hours. Since most of TruPlace's clients are based along the East Coast, this information should be taken in context, which the report details out. 

The report is available at no cost and may be downloaded from the TruPlace website. TruPlace clients have access to data on their tours through their client portal. 

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