'Trump Wants Legal Cannabis' - Former Congressman Dana Rohrabacher Surprises Switzerland

In Thursday's opening speech at Switzerland's first International Cannabis Business Conference, Reagan's former speechwriter and conservative firebrand Dana Rohrabacher (71) opened up about President Trump's support for Cannabis. He made waves when he explained to the Swiss audience why Trump is actually the "world's biggest hope for future cannabis reforms."

Dana Rohrabacher in Zurich

"Make Cannabis Great Again" – that was the clear message of former Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (71) to Europe. In Thursday's opening speech at Switzerland's first International Cannabis Business Conference in Zurich, he baffled the audience by saying he "talked to President Trump about Cannabis. It's very clear that our views are, in general, consistent with each other."

These words came as a surprise for the mostly European Cannabis CEOs at the conference who didn't expect the US President to be aboard their agenda. While Rohrabacher pushes for a complete legalization of Marijuana, Trump wants to allow its medical use on a federal level but leave recreational policy up to the individual states. However, Rohrabacher pointed out that the President has announced that he is likely to support the bipartisan STATES Act that would end the federal prohibition of Cannabis altogether.

Rohrabacher's speech at the International Cannabis Business Conference generated quite a buzz in Switzerland. In an exclusive interview with the Swiss opinion weekly Die Weltwoche, he explained his position one day before his attendance and made waves by pointing to his ally in the White House. The retired Congressman invoked unexpected support when he stated that "Trump is the world's biggest hope for future cannabis reforms."

"There's no reason for older people to be left suffering in pain when they can put on a CBD cream, just like I have been doing," explained Rohrabacher to the movers and shakers of the international hemp business. The Libertarians speech at the International Cannabis Business Conference is part of his worldwide mission to legalize cannabis. As a Christian conservative, he is convinced we should "use the gifts that God gave us when he created the cannabis plant to alleviate pain and to enjoy ourselves, if that's what we want to do."

Dana Rohrabacher served 30 years in Congress, used to be Ronald Reagan's speechwriter during the Cold War and is responsible for the Rohrabacher-Farr-Amendment of 2014 – the most significant breakthrough for Medical Marijuana in the history of the US.

Source: International Cannabis Business Conference

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