TrueChat Is Transforming the Media Industry With a New Style of News

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TrueChat, a media technology company working to create more responsible media, launched TrueChat Next, a new media platform that promises to transform the way people interact with media.

The website,, describes TrueChat’ers as passionate activists starting a movement to create more responsible and objective media while frequently mixing in some light-hearted fun and entertainment with their serious work. They welcome any individuals wanting to enlighten the public with credible views on important and not-so-important topics.

TrueChat Next is a revolutionary platform that will allow our audience to read, listen, or watch our content,” Justin T Weller, Executive Director and co-founder of TrueChat Inc., said. “So whether you’re in a quiet place, in your car  or watching TV at home, it is easy to tune in to your favorite, commercial free shows on sports, politics, entertainment, business, and more.”

At the website, or by downloading their free app, you can sample their latest programs released daily or listen to more than 600 archived shows anytime, anywhere, on demand, on the go and all of the programs are commercial-free.  “Let’s face it, commercials are interruptions,” said Camden Pierce, Executive Vice President and co-founder of TrueChat Inc. “Part of our nontraditional approach is to give our listeners enlightening and entertaining information without the constant interruption of commercials.”

Pierce also wanted to stress that, “TrueChat Next is a work in progress. The great thing about this platform is that we will be able to constantly update it to reflect the needs and desires of our audience. There are not many universal shows (broadcasts available in text, audio, and video) yet, but we are transitioning several of our radio shows to all three formats right now.”

The public is invited to join the movement by getting involved on the website, social media, or by donating. The app is available on your phone’s app store and, like everything else with TrueChat, the app is free to download and free to use. Search “TrueChat” as one word. You can also gain access by visiting

On a recent broadcast, Weller announced, “Now is the time to take action and start creating more responsible media. We all have a part in this inspiring task and the journey has already begun.”

For more information on TrueChat or to tune in go to

Source: TrueChat Inc.


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