True Flip Unveils Major Updates, Halves Ticket Price for Its 400 BTC Jackpot

True Flip, the blockchain fair games platform with $ 8,000,000 in the Jackpot, has fulfilled 60% of its crowdsale pledges, presenting a fully redesigned interface and additional features. These improvements are backed by a 50% decrease in the ticket's price, to support the upcoming broad promotion.

The reworked True Flip hosts multiple games in a smooth interface and allows on-the-go integration of new products and options. Players can seamlessly switch between two existing games, while three more games are scheduled for launch in Q1-Q2 2018.

“Flip’s Star,” the flagship number game with daily draws, has over 400 BTC in the Jackpot, which yet paradoxically exceeds the platform’s current market cap. Another game called “Rapid to the Moon” was presented in November with the draws tied to every new block in the BTC chain (every 5-15 min) and 15 BTC in the prize fund.

As well, the “Flip’s Star” price has decreased 50%, to 0.0002 BTC per one ticket. This foreruns the launch of a special solution to keep ticket prices stable regardless of rates, scheduled for Q1 2018.

The “Token Holder Profile” has been reshaped to deliver the complete data sheet in a better structured and visually friendly way. Moreover, True Flip now accepts its TFL tokens for gaming – a “Flip’s Star” ticket is offered for one TFL, while prices for “Rapid to the Moon” start at 0.5 TFL.

“True Flip started as a game with a once-daily jackpot drawing and the average user spent about $5 per day on Users lacked real-time games that would drive additional ticket buying and raffle participation. We completely redesigned the platform, combining several game products in a user-friendly environment. This is a step forward to the 'World of True Flip,' which is in development to gamify the entire system, offering users characters, levels, quests, experience points, bonus games and much more,” said the COO of True Flip, Nikita Parkhomenko.

“As the new landing has been launched, now there are no obstacles to impede our marketing progress. The main focus is of course the ticket sales, which will keep growing with the help of our CPA partners, as well as the enhanced player support and stable positive news flow raising awareness among our desired audiences,” reported CMO, Konstantin Katsev.

About True Flip

True Flip is a blockchain fair games platform, based on the advantages innate to distributed ledgers. These include overall transparency of processes, like random number generation, ticket purchases, prize distribution, and an innovative approach to the financial part of igaming.

True Flip currently runs two games, with three more in development, attracting a total of 150,000 registered players. As a result of the successful crowdsale in July 2017, a significant 400 BTC formed the current Jackpot that keeps growing with every ticket sold.

The platform operates a self-developed customer product available on, and also offers a range of B2B solutions for igaming operators, affiliates and integrators.

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Contact Name: Vasily Polynov

True Flip is the source of this content. Virtual currency is not legal tender, is not backed by the government, and accounts and value balances are not subject to consumer protections. This press release is for informational purposes only. The information does not constitute investment advice or an offer to invest.

Source: True Flip


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