TruChoice Expands Tax Resource Offerings for Financial Professionals

With Potential Tax Changes on the Horizon, TruChoice Is Expanding Its Tax Resources with Video Podcasts and More to Complement its Retirement Roadblocks(TM) Platform

TruChoice Financial Group, LLC, one of the largest distributors of insurance products in the financial services industry, is expanding its library of tax resources available for financial professionals.

"As new legislation works its way through Washington, many taxpayers question how it will be paid for," said TruChoice's Director of Product & Advanced Strategies, Alan Roman, JD, LLM, ChFC®, CLU®. "Although all taxpayers may be concerned, those approaching retirement may now be questioning their retirement plans, as well. Tax uncertainty can translate into income uncertainty."

To help financial professionals take advantage of this opportunity to educate clients about the potential need to build solutions for taxation risk, using fixed insurance products, into their retirement strategies, TruChoice offers a variety of tax resources. The latest edition of TruTalk, TruChoice's video podcast platform, was a seven-part tax conversation series released on social media in September. It will be followed by a second series in October featuring more potential tax strategies. Another video series featuring Roman and his four possible tax strategies for use in 2021 is also available through TruChoice's social media channels in September. Roman is also available for one-on-one consultations with financial professionals as a benefit of working with TruChoice.

Taxation Risk is also included as one of the seven retirement risks featured in TruChoice's popular Retirement RoadblocksTM platform, featuring consumer-facing animated videos, a mobile app, proprietary calculators, consumer guide, whitepapers, digital pitch kits, and additional marketing materials.

"The great thing about Retirement Roadblocks is that you can use whichever of the seven risks is most relevant to a client to start a conversation, and once the client is engaged, you can introduce them to six other risks they may have never considered as you help them build a robust retirement strategy," said Brian Kunkel, JD, CMFC®, CRPS®, RICP®, TruChoice's Senior Director of Product & Advanced Strategies. "Our Product & Advanced Strategies team is an additional resource available to financial professionals who have questions about incorporating taxes into client conversations or require consultation on specific cases."

Roman added, "As we approach the fourth quarter of 2021, there remains an opportunity to take advantage of the current tax laws, reposition assets, and plan for tax-diversified income in retirement. Preparing with a financial professional before the end of this year may be crucial to assuring that your client's lifestyle is less exposed to higher inflation, increased tax rates, and other risks that could impact an otherwise well thought out retirement."

To learn more about the tax resources available from TruChoice, visit or, or call 800.237.0263. TruChoice Financial can also be followed on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. This material is designed to provide general information on the subjects covered.  Please note that TruChoice Financial Group, LLC. and its representatives do not give legal or tax advice. Encourage your clients to consult their tax advisor or attorney.

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