Trove.Video Launches TikTok Downloader as US Looks to Ban the Popular Social Network

TikTok, owned by the Chinese company Bytedance, has a large app following in the U.S. that may disappear overnight. This has caused much anguish within the TikTok community, and Trove.Video aims to ease this pain with the launch of their video downloader and backup software for TikTok videos.

Trove.Video ( aims to ease the pain caused by a looming U.S. ban of TikTok by providing creators and their fans with software, allowing them to easily and quickly backup all of their TikTok videos with a click of a button. Trove.Video recently launched a video downloader app for Windows 10, allowing for automatic backups of TikTok posts. The software is used by creators to easily backup the many short-form video posts that they had created over years of hard work. In most cases, these video posts were not backed up by the creators. “With a popular creator having hundreds to thousands of TikTok posts, it would be a challenging and time-consuming process to back these videos up manually,” says Scarlett Olsen, Head of Marketing for Trove.Video.

“Without knowing for certain whether a U.S. ban will cause some TikTok posts to disappear overnight, preserving the history and legacy of these young creators is of utmost importance and may be an unforeseen loss to many,” says Scarlett Olsen. “The software was built to provide ease of downloading hundreds to tens of thousands of videos within a short period. And time is of the essence with the looming TikTok ban. We do not know how TikTok will react to a government ban and whether the content will remain active on their web presence.” 

It’s widely speculated that the web property will still be operational to avoid closing off the long-standing policy of operating an “open Internet” in the West. Web access will be welcomed news for fans of creators, as they will continue to enjoy access to the popular videos created on TikTok. By making local copies of their favorite TikTok posts, it is something they can enjoy in the years to come whether there is a ban or not.

You can download the Trove.Video software for free and give it a try today. For media inquiries, please contact Scarlett Olsen. 

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