Tribun Health, Winner of the I-Nov Competition of Bpifrance, Obtains Funding of Over €600,000 for Its Pathomix Project

Pathologist working on CaloPix®

Tribun Health, a major player in software solutions for digital pathology, is delighted to announce its selection among the winners of the i-Nov Wave 11 competition organized by Bpifrance, as part of the France 2030 plan. This competition aims to support the accelerated emergence of innovative companies that are leaders in their field.  

Tribun Health’s image management software CaloPix® represents a significant advancement in anatomopathology. The technology offers a digital alternative to traditional microscopes, providing doctors with a modern platform for diagnostic examinations.

Tribun Health’s project, "Pathomix®," strives to broaden diagnostic product offerings, fostering a seamless integration between healthcare services and advancements in research and pharmaceutical development.

This groundbreaking project is focused on empowering pathology’s role in precision by providing advanced tools for the consolidation, enhancement, and exploitation of real-world data. At the heart of this initiative is the development of an advanced data query module, allowing healthcare facilities to pinpoint specific data for secondary use while adhering to GDPR and HIPAA regulations.  

The overarching goal is to ensure data interoperability and streamline connections between users of the CaloPix® platform, predominantly pathologists, and stakeholders involved in multicenter R&D endeavors. By fostering these collaborations, the project aims to facilitate the seamless exchange of insights and accelerate progress in advancing healthcare research and development.

"The support of French public actors for our Pathomix® project testifies to their trust in our commitment to improving cutting-edge medicine and its accessibility for patients. This recognition highlights Tribun Health's innovation in the field of oncology. Anatomy and pathological cytology are essential for making informed therapeutic decisions and understanding diseases. Digitization is a powerful lever to take advantage of this discipline," says Bertrand de Fürst, Innovation Director at Tribun Health.  

"Through Pathomix®, we aim to automate the extraction and export of histopathological and clinical data from real-life patient cases for research purpose, leveraging our established CaloPix® customer network in digital pathology. These tools play a critical role in addressing the needs of pharmaceutical laboratories and AI companies, particularly in assembling uniform cohorts essential for precision medicine initiatives. Our technology will empower customers to efficiently fulfill data inquiries and augment their archives for research purposes, thereby fostering advancements in healthcare research and innovation," says Jean-François Pomerol, CEO of Tribun Health.  

Tribun Health’s Pathomix® project was selected by the i-Nov jury under the "Health" theme, providing substantial funding support totaling €618,000 which includes a grant and repayable advances.  

In addition to the FrenchTech 2030 label received in 2023, this support strengthens Tribun Health's leadership position in this market, especially during a period characterized by fierce global competition, and where investments in innovation are paramount.  

Source: Tribun Health