TribalScale Partners With McCain Foods to Drive Innovation and Sustainability by Modernizing Its Manufacturing Operations

Modernizing Manufacturing Processes Through Cloud-Based Software Solutions, Machine Learning, and AI

Toronto-based digital innovation lab TribalScale has partnered with McCain Foods Limited, the world's largest manufacturer of frozen potato products, as part of SCALE AI's latest investment round, on its McCain Driving Impact (MDI x AI) project. The large-scale digital transformation leverages AI to address several pain points affecting its lean manufacturing process with the goal of increasing operational efficiency and maintaining both its competitiveness in the market and commitment to sustainability. 

Rich Gigante, Chief Revenue Officer at TribalScale, says, "Our partnership with McCain Foods will help modernize its manufacturing process through cloud-based software solutions, machine learning, and AI — all instrumental factors in increasing process efficiency and reducing waste." 

Caroline Morissette, VP of Digital & Data at McCain Foods, says, "We are excited to partner with TribalScale to build custom digital solutions that support the introduction of AI and empower our operators to run the line with high efficiency while focusing on sustainability and quality." 

The solution currently being developed addresses common areas of waste in lean manufacturing, allowing production lines to operate smoother, utilizing resources and raw inputs more efficiently, ensuring better product quality, and detecting the potential for waste in the future. TribalScale's role in the project encompasses the design and development of the global software solution leveraging a cloud-based technology framework with a low-code development platform. 

Caroline Morissette, VP of Digital & Data at McCain Foods, explains, "Building on a low-code platform unlocks digital customization opportunities while ensuring a fairly low-cost support and maintenance model. From a global standpoint, the digital tools offer consistency across operations while accounting for plant-specific needs that are unique to each geography." 

The solution is currently being implemented in the company's flagship plant in Florenceville NB, Canada, with plans to roll it out to its other plants globally, totaling approximately 50 plants.

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