Trevor Lykens and Jillian Davis Appointed to Director and Section Manager Positions in the Project and Risk Management Division at Kleinschmidt

Trevor Lykens and Jillian Davis, Kleinschmidt

Kleinschmidt Associates, an engineering, regulatory, and environmental consulting firm, is pleased to announce that Trevor Lykens has been named Director of the Project and Risk Management Division for Kleinschmidt Associates and Jillian Davis has been named as Section Manager.

In their roles, Trevor and Jillian will continue to emphasize the use of standardized management techniques to provide information for thoughtful decision making and improving project delivery. They each bring different but complimentary skills that will be essential to the ongoing development of our project and risk management program.

 “We are lucky to have two very talented staff members that could step into these positions. I am confident that both will approach their new roles and responsibilities with the same commitment, excitement, and dedication they have demonstrated throughout their careers here at Kleinschmidt,” says Scott Ault, Chief Technical and Operations Officer with Kleinschmidt, “Working together, Trevor and Jillian will contribute to our goal of continuous improvement in project delivery by taking our project management initiative to the next level.”

Source: Kleinschmidt Associates