Trending Character Inspired Meal Challenge Designed to Create Happiness

One Colorado family decided to start the trending challenge #HappyHomeMadeChallenge on social media after their plans for Spring Break were canceled due to Coronavirus.

As a single mother trying to now home school, entertain and feed five children Bridget Praytor was looking for ways to focus on bringing happiness back into the home after a first week of difficult adjustments and disappointment from many daily closures.

One day after going to the grocery store and becoming frustrated that all the toilet paper and most of the items she feeds her family were sold out she decided she had two options. One was to start crying because life felt out of her control or take a deep breath and set an example for her kids during difficult times.

She went home and with ingredients that she already had in her pantry created probably the worst character meal ever served, but the reaction from her kids and friends on social media created the challenge.

Her kids for a night laughed so much and were able to take a step back from the weight of the world and remember so many great times associated with favorite characters they grew up with.

Bridget Praytor feels that this challenge will give people a chance to be creative and bring a lot of laughter in a time when Americans are being told to stay at home and food options are limited.

"My wish is for everyone to accept the challenge of making a character inspired meal, experience a lot of laughter in the process and create social media posts that make people smile."

Bridget Praytor has been on a variety of television shows throughout the years and she wrote The Hot Tub Diet. She currently is a single mother raising five kids and is actively involved in competing in races throughout the US, coaching youth sports and volunteering with nonprofits that promote health for children.

Bridget Praytor


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