Treebath Launches First Accredited Nature-Based Therapy Program

Treebath Paves the Way for Validity of Forest Therapy as an Evidenced-Based Practice with ASWB Accreditation

Outdoor Forest Therapy

Treebath Inc., a leading nature therapy company based in New York, N.Y., has been awarded Approved Continuing Education (ACE) certification by the Association of Social Workers Board (ASWB) for their Forest Therapy Practitioner training course. 

In meeting the extensive criteria for this accreditation, Treebath has demonstrated their commitment to delivering the highest quality programs by applying evidence-based research and vetted instructional techniques.

"Achieving ACE accreditation for our Forest Therapy Practitioner training course highlights our dedication to upholding superior professional standards to ensure the validity and continued growth of Forest Therapy. Through achieving this accreditation, Treebath's training materials and methodology have been rigorously reviewed and found to offer the highest quality of continued education, according to best practices."
-Nicole Elmgart, Co-Founder of Treebath

Forest Therapy is based on the sensory practice of forest bathing, and is known in Japan as Shinrin-Yoku. A Forest Therapy session combines a guided nature walk using sensory input with mindful meditation and other traditional healing modalities. The practice has exploded in the last several years as a nature-based intervention that can improve overall mental health, as well as supplementing standard treatment and rehabilitation for certain mental illnesses.

Cynthia Seitz, a pediatrician for Northwest Permanente, recently received her FTP Certification through Treebath's program. "As a seasoned health care professional, I was looking for a Forest Therapy certification program that combined research-based training with true healing potential. The other programs I researched required extensive time commitments or international travel and lacked a scientifically validated curriculum." Cynthia added, "The Treebath Certification had everything I was looking for: comprehensive, practical training that I could apply to a diverse group of individuals, a feasible timeline that fit the demands of my career, and the mentorship to truly develop my own style of practice."

Treebath have released their 2022 training schedule with flexible location options throughout the United States. Each course is limited to 20 people and is hybridized, with virtual and in-person course work. Schedules and applications are available at

About Treebath

Treebath is a leading provider of evidenced-based outdoor therapeutic programs for mental health. Motivated by the epidemic of stress they witnessed in their professions, Nicole and Oskar Elmgart founded Treebath in 2017 with the mission to reconnect people to nature in an accessible way.

Treebath helps individuals and organizations improve their overall well-being, emotional outlook, and mental resilience through innovative programs that combine nature-based meditation with cutting-edge science and research. In response to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Treebath expanded their services to include virtual offerings, developing TreeQuility, the Forest Therapy App, to make their programs globally accessible. Based in New York, NY, Treebath works with health care professionals, academic institutions, and corporate clients around the globe.

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Treebath is a leading provider of evidenced-based outdoor therapeutic programs for mental health. Treebath's Forest Therapy programs help improve overall well-being by combining nature-based meditation with cutting-edge science and research.

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