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The Kairos

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​The problem with treasure hunts is that one must be “present” to participate, they typically have one winner, and are quickly forgotten. SeventyNine LLC, a company based out of Golden, CO, has introduced a treasure hunt for the 21st century in which the entire country can participate. It’s called The Book of Phi, and the only thing you need to take part and win is an internet connection to

How does it work? There are seven chapters to The Book of Phi. Each chapter has seven written story pages and seven pieces of artwork associated with it, through which “Phillip” tells his life story. These seven pictures and seven pages contain clues that, if deduced properly, will enable someone to win the two contests of skill called “The Cash” or “The Gold” for each chapter. “The Cash” can be solved online, while “The Gold” is solved by finding a hidden “token” out in the real world, and then redeemed for a real 24k gold coin. Grand prizes for each contest continue to rise with each new chapter. What is SeventyNine LLC’s motivation for making this all happen? It’s all part of the mystery that is The Book of Phi, but their interactions with the winners so far give an indication of what may come next.

Jennifer, a math teacher from Missouri, won $777 cash for solving the Kairos Challenge and figuring out how to open the Book of Phi, which was just the beginning. Chapters 1 and 2 have since been released and winners have been paid by cashier’s checks and increasing sizes of gold coins.

“After learning that I work at a homeless shelter for teenagers, the people at Book of Phi decided to donate (money) to my workplace. I encourage anyone to participate in the next contest.” These are the words of Billy from Washington, winner of Book of Phi Chapter 1 – History “The Cash,” who used his $777.13 winnings to help fund an engagement ring he’s been saving for.

Dawson from California, winner of Book of Phi Chapter 2 – Music “The Cash,” got involved after chapter 1, where he heard about it from a friend’s podcast called “My Haunt Life.” “I found the puzzles challenging and exciting…  this ($780.77) prize will allow me to purchase supplies and props for my home haunt, The Klownhouse.” Dawson puts on the free event in his own home each year and asks for donations. “Once Book of Phi found out that I collect donations on behalf of St. Jude Children's Hospital, they graciously offered a donation to St. Jude on my behalf. The people at Book of Phi are just amazing!"

"The Gold" contests for chapter 1 and 2 have been paid out with 1/10 oz and 1/4 oz Golden Eagle 24k gold coins respectively to adventurous treasure hunters that put the clues together and found the tokens.

Book of Phi Chapter 3 – Geology is being released on July 15 and will have the largest payouts yet, $886.46 cash and a 0.5oz gold coin.

This is simply the most accessible and interesting hunt ever distributed. Judge for yourself at​​

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