TRAVOR Power Station Set a New Record Again, Breaking the Platform's Fastest Crowdfunding Record Within 2 Hours of Launching on CAMPFIRE

"Dark horse" brand TRAVOR achieves another success

TRAVOR's achievement

The dark horse brand TRAVOR power station has exploded overnight. Following the successful launch of limited crowdfunding on Kickstarter - a well-known American platform - in less than 72 hours, TRAVOR power station was launched on the Japanese crowdfunding website CAMPFIRE platform within two hours, and the crowdfunding amount quickly exceeded 4.5 million. The dark horse brand continues the legend.

As the largest fundraising platform in Japan, CAMPFIRE has more than 6,500 projects that have been registered. The total number of supporters is about 240,000, and the amount raised has reached 2.4 billion yen.

TRAVOR power products were officially launched on the CAMPFIRE platform in early May. As of today, the original 1 million crowdfunding target has been surpassed or even quadrupled, reaching 4.5 million. As a new brand, this achievement refreshes the industry's cognition and allows all to see the prospect of TRAVOR's new 3.0 generation power station.

Explore the road to the sudden emergence of dark horse brands
COVID-19 had a significant impact on various industries around the world. Due to travel restrictions, outdoor travel has become one of the hottest topics, especially suburban camping. Based on this environment, TRAVOR focuses on exploring world-leading technology and unique user experience, and produces new, high-quality, energy-saving green power stations with exquisite appearance and environmental protection. 

In order to give users the ultimate experience, Shenzhen TRAVOR Technology Co., Ltd. masters several patented core technology product technologies represented by AEEC instant fast charging and α-Bloom intelligent inverter independently. Based on the 1.0 first-generation portable power brand represented by jackery, and the 2.0-generation eugenic brand of portable power represented by ecoflow, TRAVOR international R&D team has made important breakthroughs in key core technology fields, creating the world's latest mobile outdoor 3.0 generation new energy power station brand, known as the "industry dark horse brand". 

Technology drives creative life
With the gradual decline in the demand for coal in the international coal market, countries around the world have formulated policies to develop new energy, and outdoor power supply products are in line with the current trend of developing green new energy. For the brands of the power station category, the record refreshing again and again is an inevitable trend of the increasingly mature technology development of the industry. For global users, the safety, convenience, intelligence, practicability and aesthetics of products are bound to be improved and become an important decision-making factor driving their purchases.

Companies like Shenzhen TRAVOR Technology Co., Ltd., which are deeply engaged in charging and storage technology and constantly iterate products, will surely shine in the future competition of energy storage products.

Source: TRAVOR Technology Team