TravelStorysGPS Soars to New Heights Launching Its Milestone 200th Tour

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TravelStorysGPS is celebrating the launch of its 200th TravelStorys™ mobile audio tour, highlighting world-renowned female land conservationists. TravelStorysGPS founder and CEO Story Clark states, "This is a momentous milestone for our company. We started with the dream of connecting travelers everywhere to the fascinating and inspiring stories communities and landscapes have to tell." 

What began as a Girl Scouts project for a young New Jersey resident to help protect land in her community evolved into a beautifully crafted mobile audio tour featuring passionate female conservationists. The Women in Conservation tour guides listeners through a 220-acre preserve, sharing stories of women who have had a profound impact on the global landscape, including leaders such as Greta Thunberg, Native American conservationist and U.S. Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland, and even TravelStorysGPS CEO Story Clark.

Clark has dedicated her life to land conservation and helping national parks and nonprofit organizations raise awareness and funding to further their missions. She developed a fruitful partnership years ago with Linda Mead, president and CEO of D&R Greenway Land Trust, the sponsor of this tour. "We are honored to be the 200th tour," says Mead. "Our tours produced with TravelStorysGPS have introduced people to our preserves, made them more accessible, and brought supporters and a sense of community through deepened awareness."  

In 2013, TravelStorysGPS began in Wyoming with the debut tour from Jackson to Teton Pass and has grown to 200 tours nationwide and internationally. It is a female-owned and -led software-as-a-service company and a Best Mobile App Awards 2018 winner. Its TravelStorys app now hosts the largest U.S. library of curated, geolocated audio tours on a professionally maintained platform. With a mission of connecting people to places in memorable ways, the TravelStorysGPS team specializes in providing expert guidance and support throughout the tour-building process, ensuring high-quality, customized products that engage, educate and entertain. By combining stories of history, culture, science, and exploration, the app offers users valuable insights about the lands they are seeing in real time — hands-free. Downloading the TravelStorys app is free, and tours can be enjoyed on location or remotely.

"Storytelling is the captivating way we entertain and communicate best with each other and learn about places," Clark adds. "I wanted to use mobile app technology as a portal to, rather than a distraction from, great places. When I think of all the stories our partners have told and how many travelers' trips have been enriched by hearing them, I am deeply humbled. This 200th tour is a credit to our incredibly dedicated team and our wonderful client storytellers."

About TravelStorysGPS: TravelStorysGPS LLC is a mission-driven mobile app development company based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, transforming cultural interpretation and enjoyment of places into accessible and memorable experiences. TravelStorysGPS meets the communication and outreach needs of charitable organizations, public agencies, and businesses through the latest developments in location-based storytelling and delivery. Learn more at and download and explore the TravelStorys app for free on your preferred app marketplace.

About D&R Greenway Land Trust: D&R Greenway Land Trust is an accredited nonprofit that has reached a new milestone of over 21,000 acres of land preserved throughout central New Jersey since 1989. Through strategic land conservation and stewardship, D&R Greenway combats climate change, protects birds and wildlife, and ensures clean drinking water for future generations. D&R Greenway's mission is centered on connecting land with people from all walks of life.

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